Guess What? You Always Treat Decay In A Day!

On one hand, you think to yourself about the cavity you’re pretty sure you have, you will probably just need a dental filling. You know that fillings are not that big of a deal, so why should you feel so hesitant to schedule a visit with our Austin, TX team? On the other hand, you realize, you could have more serious tooth decay and that might mean a dental crown. You are somewhat sure that crowns can take weeks, so when all is said and done, what you’d really like to do is just hide out, try to forget about your tooth, and skip coming in for care. Here are two very important things to remember: You’re going to want to see us no matter what, so you can treat the cavity without ending up eventually losing your tooth! Also, amazing news: We can treat your decay in a day … either way!


3 Times You (Incorrectly) Think You Shouldn’t Come In

There are times when you might think to yourself that even though you’d like dental care, you probably shouldn’t come in. You might even feel certain of it! However, we are actually hard pressed to think of any time we would tell you not to seek smile care with our team. Generally speaking, it is absolutely always to your benefit to call our practice, tell us what’s going on, and then go from there. However, if you feel embarrassed or so sure about your reason for staying away, you may feel silly calling (which, again, you should never feel!). Let our Austin, TX team take you step by step through some of these potential moments, so you see that we really mean it: Care with us is always essential.


3 Reasons You’re Not Coming In For Your Visits (But Should!)

Our Austin, TX team knows that while you may have a completely thorough understanding of how important it is to come in for your dental visits, you might not be doing so. If you feel like the only person who stays away from visits to the dentist, remember: This is a very common problem! Fortunately, since we are quite accustomed to the feelings, thoughts, and worries patients have in regard to setting up their care, it makes it much easier for us to point out possible areas of hesitancy and help you get over them. Then, of course, you’ll feel confident and relaxed about coming in to protect your smile!


Gingivitis: The Questions You’re Embarrassed To Bring Up

You might want to ask us about gingivitis when you see us at our Austin, TX practice. However, even though you want to learn more, there may be some things you feel a little embarrassed to ask. Perhaps you think you should already know the answers or that your inquiry sounds silly. Remember, we value each and every one of your questions! When you learn more, you know more, and knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your smile health and, more specifically in this case, your gum health.


Common Questions About Receiving A Filling

When it’s time to receive a dental filling because you’ve developed some tooth decay, your brain might find itself heading toward overload! Yes, you want to be a responsible patient who takes care of oral health problems. Of course, you know that lots of people get fillings and that we perform them all the time. You even know that they’re quick, that they’re not going to cause discomfort, and that it’s “no big deal.” However, due to the details you don’t yet know right off the bat, this can still feel like an ordeal you’re not excited to approach. We can fix this for you! Try out our Q&A session, let us know what else you’re curious about, and you will quickly feel relaxed and calm about this very easy solution to your cavity in Austin, TX.


Chewing Pain: What Should I Think About This?

Generally speaking, when you’re experiencing chewing pain, something associated with your oral health requires attention. Is it possible that you will require a restorative treatment? Of course. It is an absolutely certain thing? Nope! As you may have just realized, figuring out why this type of discomfort is present, what to do about it, and what’s going on aren’t things you can sort out all on your own from the comfort of your own bathroom. Instead, it’s time to let us know you’re experiencing a change and to come in for care with our Austin, TX team. Let’s run down some helpful information that will quickly guide you toward a fix for your problem.


Quiz: Counting On The Routine Care Provided At A Checkup

Putting in effort to fully care for your smile each day will help you sustain an attractive and healthy smile. There are many steps you can take to make sure your teeth are properly defended against decay, and that you avoid trouble with gum disease. Brushing and flossing both need to occur, and you need to be mindful of your intake of sugary, sticky foods. You also need to see to it that your daily care is met with regular dental exams. Your Austin, TX dentist’s office can provide important services during each checkup you attend. Adding semiannual appointments to your daily oral health regimen will help you keep your teeth in fantastic shape! (more…)

Fight Stubborn Stains With Professional Whitening Care

Professional whitening treatments have helped many patients who worried that nothing could be done about stubborn enamel stains. When debris gathers on your teeth, you can see changes take effect with the color of your smile. Unfortunately, those stains can eventually settle below the surface, making it difficult to remove them through the use of over the counter whitening products, or a toothpaste that claims to have an extra whitening effect. When you use a professional whitening treatment provided by your Austin, TX dentist, you can see to it that those stains are effectively addressed. It should be noted that if you have issues with discoloration that are not connected to enamel stains, there are different cosmetic treatments that can be suited to your smile needs.  (more…)

Straws and Your Smile: Do’s and Don’ts

Life is full of big decisions, so let’s take a moment to tackle a small issue: straws and your smile. We want your smile to be healthy as well as attractive. Did you know something as seemingly simple as a drinking straw can make a difference in the look and health of your teeth? Drinking straws can help preserve your oral health and protect from some smile-busters, but they aren’t a magic cure-all. Bring your questions to your next exam and cleaning, and your dentist can give you the straight talk on drinking straws. (more…)

Restorations: The Things You Want To Ask But Don’t

Have you ever found yourself wanting to ask a question but you feel like you should know the answer, so you don’t ask? However, then you still don’t have the answer? If this comes up for you regarding restorations, then we think it’s time to realize: We won’t judge you! Ask, ask, ask. We are always here to help, which means we’re always ready to answer.