Straws and Your Smile: Do’s and Don’ts

Life is full of big decisions, so let’s take a moment to tackle a small issue: straws and your smile. We want your smile to be healthy as well as attractive. Did you know something as seemingly simple as a drinking straw can make a difference in the look and health of your teeth? Drinking straws can help preserve your oral health and protect from some smile-busters, but they aren’t a magic cure-all. Bring your questions to your next exam and cleaning, and your dentist can give you the straight talk on drinking straws. (more…)

Restorations: The Things You Want To Ask But Don’t

Have you ever found yourself wanting to ask a question but you feel like you should know the answer, so you don’t ask? However, then you still don’t have the answer? If this comes up for you regarding restorations, then we think it’s time to realize: We won’t judge you! Ask, ask, ask. We are always here to help, which means we’re always ready to answer.


Your Sensitive Smile: What Gives?

If you’ve never dealt with a sensitive smile before, then you are about to find out that there is most certainly not just one potential factor that’s making your teeth feel funny. While the sensations may be frustrating, painful, a bit strange, consistent, or sporadic, they are certainly something you would like to get rid of. To begin, remember to set up a visit to see our team, so we may get to the bottom of this problem. Until then, get a head start on learning about possible reasons you’re having this experience.


Let’s Talk About Your Tongue!

When you’re talking with us or even your friends about your oral health, chances are good that you’re spending the majority of said conversations going over details regarding your teeth. Or your gums. However, lengthy discussions about your tongue may rarely take place, if ever! While this may seem like an okay part of your body to leave out of the equation, it’s actually something that requires care and attention! Consider some new knowledge you really do need!


Getting Through Dental Hygiene With A Smile

Do you find that you frown just at the thought of dental hygiene? For those who need some help with getting brushing and flossing on track, we offer some very simple suggestions. While you may think you’re just someone who doesn’t like it or that there couldn’t possibly be anything new to learn, we challenge you to consider our advice! There are actually some surprisingly simply yet extremely powerful changes you can make that can help you smile when it comes to caring for your oral health.


Right Versus Wrong: Misconceptions About Enjoying Sugar

When you’re worried about sugar, either because you really wish you could eat it but you think it’s going to destroy your smile health (or you eat a lot of it and have a similar worry), then it’s time to learn more about this ingredient. Are the things you think you know about how it affects your oral health right? Or, are they wrong? When you’ve got factual information on your side, it’s easy to make choices (and indulge from time to time) without wondering and stressing about whether you may be placing your smile in harm’s way. Not to worry. Clearing up a misconception or two will guide you in the right direction!


Bleeding Gums: 3 Questions, 3 Answers

There are some symptoms that you may be familiar with enough that they don’t cause you too much alarm. For instance, maybe a tooth that’s a little uncomfortable is something you’ve experienced before, so you recognize it, schedule a visit with us, and feel confident about exploring what’s going on with your tooth. However, when what you’re experiencing is bleeding gums, this can send you reeling! Fortunately, when you know just what to do, you recognize this is no cause for panic and that we are always here to help.


Pre-Wash: Before You Brush And Floss

No, we aren’t going to suggest any complicated pre-washing of your mouth before you brush and floss your smile. However, it’s important to remember that you may need to consider other areas that require a bit of upkeep (just a little, mind you), so you may ensure that your dental hygiene is as safe and effective as can be! Ready for some easy steps that will make your care even better? Let’s go!


Good Things to Know About ClearCorrect™

Today’s orthodontic treatment isn’t always what people expect. While many patients still require the traditional metal braces that most of us are used to seeing, increasingly more are able to enjoy straighter and more attractive smiles without needing brackets and wires. ClearCorrect™ is a system of clear, virtually invisible aligners that are custom-designed to fit comfortably and discreetly over your upper and lower teeth. The series of aligners is designed to gradually guide your crooked teeth into their desired positions, and for patients who qualify, ClearCorrect offers a more convenient and manageable solution to correcting crooked teeth. (more…)