Designing, Crafting, And Placing A Crown In One Day

Waiting on the completion of dental work can be frustrating. Unfortunately, restorative dental procedures sometimes require patients to make more than one trip to the dentist’s office to have their treatment finalized. If you have a problem with your smile, and worry that the work involved will demand more of your time and attention than you are comfortable with, look into the benefits of a CEREC dental crown. Our Austin, TX dentist’s office is able to design, create, and place a CEREC crown for a patient in as little as one day! This means you have fewer trips to make to our location, and it ensures that your tooth is supported by a permanent crown with minimal delay. (more…)

Tips To Help You Care For Your Smile Before Bed

While you are sleeping, your body limits its production of saliva. What does this mean for your oral health? When less saliva is present, you are not able to rinse away bacteria, which can allow harmful microbes to build up during the night. The care you take to clean your teeth before bed can help you avoid oral health problems because you can clear away bacteria and food debris before this happens. Your Austin, TX dentist wants patients to understand that their choices throughout each day can affect their ability to prevent dental problems. With that said, what you do before bed can be important when it comes to avoiding issues that might demand restorative dental work. (more…)

Is Tooth Decay Able To Cause Dental Pain?

If your tooth starts to hurt, and you are not sure what the matter might be, you may suspect that a cavity has formed. What you should know is that a cavity can actually form before pain becomes an issue. That persistent ache, or a problem with heightened sensitivity, may be a warning that your tooth has become infected as a result of decay. Our Austin, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with this matter. After restoring your tooth’s health, we can put a permanent restoration in place to keep it protected. Our practice uses technology to produce crowns in as little as one visit, so our approach can actually lead to a shorter treatment experience for you! (more…)

Oral Care Can Do More For Your Health Than You May Expect

Why do we go out of our way to take care of our teeth on a daily basis? It is easy to point out an obvious benefit of good oral hygiene like cavity prevention. Brushing and flossing will also help an individual stay safe against gum disease. What might surprise you is that your approach to oral health care can also be important because it benefits your general health. You are able to defend yourself against potentially harmful oral bacteria whenever you clean your teeth. By preventing problems like tooth decay and gum disease, you can also protect yourself against complications that can seriously impact your life. Our Austin, TX dentist’s office is proud to provide preventive dental care every time a patient comes in for a routine checkup, but we also encourage everyone to practice good oral hygiene between these visits. (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Improve Your Brushing Routine

Every time you brush your teeth, you protect your smile by removing food debris and oral bacteria. While it might be hard to find someone who lacks an oral hygiene routine, many people have developed habits that can stop them from enjoying truly effective smile care. If you have struggled with tooth decay in the past, or just want to make sure your smile remains in good shape, take time to look for improvements in your routine. Our Austin, TX dentist’s office is proud to provide important preventive dental services, as well as restorative dental work when it is required. Between your trips to the dentist, make sure you are doing what you can to keep your teeth and gums in great health! (more…)

What’s Going On With Your Smile? Find Out At A Dental Exam!

When you are consistent about visiting the dentist, you will enjoy regular updates about the condition of your smile. This feedback is important, as it can lead to the early detection and treatment of any problems that have yet to cause symptoms. Of course, this is just one aspect of preventive dental care that benefits patients. At our Austin, TX dentist’s office, we provide teeth cleanings, reviews for cavities and gum disease, as well as checks for any other signs of poor oral health that you should know about. This combination of services can help you maintain a lovely and healthy smile, and avoid problems that require more involved restorative dental procedures. (more…)

Are You Searching For The Right Way To Brighten Your Smile?

Are you starting to feel uncomfortable with your smile because of changes to the color of your teeth? It can be difficult to fully prevent stains from gathering on your enamel. Even if you are successfully stopping cavities from forming through your daily habits, a slow buildup of chromogens and tannins from different beverages and foods can start to dull your smile. Fortunately, your Austin, TX dentist is able to help you take on this matter. We can send our patients home with a professional whitening kit. The kit includes personalized trays to make the application of bleaching agents easier for you. The whitening product included in the kit is capable of taking care of stains that over the counter products often leave untouched. (more…)

Will Cavity Treatment Have An Effect On My Smile?

Sure, restorative dental work can make sure that a cavity is no longer hurting your tooth, but can it also benefit your smile? People sometimes worry about treatment because they expect to receive a conspicuous metal dental filling or dental crown, both of which can attract unwanted attention. At our Austin, TX dentist’s office, we can actually provide our patients with restorations that offer both protection and cosmetic support. This is because our fillings and crowns can match the appearance of your healthy enamel. As a result, your tooth can remain protected against damage and decay while also maintaining its healthy appearance. (more…)

Should You Try To Improve Your Brushing Habits?

By consistently brushing your teeth, you can keep yourself safe against bacteria buildup, tartar formation, and issues with cavities. If you have recently experienced problems that required restorative dentistry, or if you regularly have issues like tartar accumulation or gum disease pointed out at routine dental exams, you may feel less than satisfied with your oral care routine. What can you do to see better results from your efforts to clean your teeth? If you have struggled with problems that affect your oral health, your Austin, TX dentist can talk to you about beneficial changes to your routine. That can mean brushing more often or more thoroughly, but it can also cover matters like flossing and making smart diet choices. (more…)

Chip Your Tooth On Valentine’s Day Candy? We Can Help

You may find the gift of Valentine’s treats a “sweet” gesture, but an unlucky bite into a hard candy can put you in a sour mood. While our teeth are protected by a remarkably strong enamel material, it is possible to chip or crack a tooth when you bite into something hard. In addition to causing you pain, this can make you understandably nervous about your appearance. At our Austin, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help individuals who need to do something about a chipped tooth. After evaluating the tooth, we can recommend treatment with a dental restoration, or we can suggest cosmetic dentistry if appropriate. (more…)