Porcelain Veneers Can Take Care Of Embarrassing Smile Flaws

Living with a smile that you are less than confident in can become harder and harder over time. This is partly because you can feel frustrated by persistent feelings of self-consciousness, but also because wear and tear can gradually create additional problems for your teeth. What can you do to see meaningful improvements, and ensure that those improvements last? Our Austin, TX dental practice has helped many people greatly improve the way they look through the placement of porcelain veneers. Veneers are remarkably strong, thin shells constructed to look like healthy teeth. They only occupy a limited amount of space on teeth, but their presence can effectively hide a wide range of flaws that might make a person unhappy with how they look. (more…)

We Make Dental Care More Convenient With Same-Day Crowns

How long will it take to have a problem with your tooth addressed? At other practices, you may find that you have to wait to complete a treatment because your custom dental crown has to be produced by a third party dental lab. Our Austin, TX dental office is able to craft these restorations on site, so we can have the restoration ready for you in just one day! This makes the process of restoring a tooth more convenient, so you can return to your daily life with no more concerns about the condition of your tooth. It also eliminates a frustrating waiting period where you have to rely on a temporary crown to effectively protect a vulnerable tooth. (more…)

Make Sure You Schedule Preventive Dental Exams For 2020

What are your goals for 2020? Many people enter the new year thinking about opportunities for professional growth, while others focus on social concerns, or their well-being. It is important to think about how your smile can affect your socially and professionally, and how your oral health influences your overall well-being. If you want to make sure your smile is looking and feeling its best, make sure you have preventive dental exams scheduled throughout 2020. Checkups every six months can ensure that your smile stays healthy, and that you are receiving important support for problems with plaque and tartar. Our Austin, TX dental office can provide important preventive support for you so that you can keep your teeth healthy throughout 2020…and beyond. (more…)

Quick Answers: How To Know If You Need Bonding Or Contouring! 

What you probably already realize is that if you are interested in cosmetic care for an issue you’re having with your smile … but it’s not a serious, severe, or all-over issue … dental bonding and contouring often come to the rescue! While they can treat little bitty details, you likely realize that treating even the smallest of eyesores can result in what appears to be a dazzlingly revived grin! However, as you get down to the particulars of whether you require bonding for your need or contouring, the answer may escape you. Don’t fret! Our Austin, TX practice has the beautifying-related information you need, coming right up!


Thanksgiving: Is Your Smile Ready For It?

On scale from one to 10, how ready would you say your smile is for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? If you’re shrugging your shoulders because you haven’t even considered this detail, so you can’t exactly give your readiness a score, then it just might be time for a quick, very helpful review with our Austin, TX dental care practice! Remember, when you’re prepared for sudden wild card days, such as holidays, when the usual foods you eat, the usual schedule you keep, and more are completely thrown out of whack, sticking to the usual smile health guidelines (and having fun) is easy!


Very Good Smile-Related Reasons To Pick Up The Phone

You know that in order to make any sort of change to your smile, whether it’s for the benefit of your oral health, the improvement of the way your smile looks, or anything else, something you have to do is come in to see our Austin, TX team! However, we are well aware that sometimes, your urge to transform your smile into something better may be met with a sense of uncertainty regarding whether the time to get started is right now. The result? Patients often procrastinate. While it may come as a bit of a surprise, we want you to consider the fact that getting in touch with us ASAP is always the right decision. Consider the why through some helpful examples!


Tooth-Colored Fillings: Are They Really That Wonderful?

It’s not that you have never heard of tooth-colored fillings before. It’s just that you find yourself somewhat shocked by the extent to which these restorations seem to excite anyone who begins talking about them. Are they really that wonderful, you wonder, and what makes them something worthy of so much praise? Fortunately, you’ve got our Austin, TX team on hand to remove any uncertainty you face (perhaps you wonder if it’s just a lot of hype!), as we explain why patients tend to feel relieved and enthusiastic about addressing tooth decay with a white filling.


Halloween: Culprits You Just Don’t See Coming

Boo! If you think that the only things lurking about this Halloween are ghouls and goblins, our Austin, TX team has some news for you! Beyond the fun stuff that’s meant to give you a fright, there are also some very real threats that can lead to oral health damage! Since you most definitely don’t want these easy-to-avoid culprits to interrupt your otherwise exciting holiday plans, we strongly encourage you to take some simple yet important steps toward protecting your teeth! Trust us when we say, a Halloween without broken teeth is worth a tiny bit of extra caution!


If It’s Not Classic Discoloration, What Is It?

You know what discoloration is, of course. It’s when the years of just being alive and using your smile, the sodas, the coffee, the spaghetti sauce, the food coloring, and more have all managed to slowly but surely leave their mark on your smile. They lead to the buildup of stains that eventually cause your grin to look yellowed or just not very vibrant. However, what about other stuff that might leave your teeth somewhat dim, rather than dazzling and snowy white? Our Austin, TX team is happy to shed some light on this often confusing topic, so you know what’s up and so you can learn how to attain a whiter smile.


Understanding Terminology: Symptoms, Underlying Causes, And More!

When you visit us for dental cleanings and checkups, we speak with you about your smile and your oral health. We talk about any problems we see (if any), about how to deal with those concerns, and more. When you’re familiar with the way your smile and possible issues work and the terms associated with them, it’s very easy to gain a big picture understanding of your smile, common concerns, and what you need to do both to offer your grin protection and to treat it when things don’t go quite as planned. However, if you feel you need a bit of a review of the day-to-day dental care jargon you require, our Austin, TX team is happy to make this happen!