Scheduling Visits: Simple, Effective Ways To Get Motivated

You know that the actual act of scheduling a dental visit is very simple. You pick up the phone, you dial our number, a friendly member of our Austin, TX team works with you to select a date and time, and you hang up. Done! However, there’s something about getting to the point of actually picking up the phone to make this happen that can cause a great amount of hesitation and resistance on your part. Maybe you tend to think about and then immediately forget about it. Perhaps the thought rarely crosses your mind. Or, you may frequently say, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow!” Whatever your particular reason, we have some simple, effective ways of getting motivated!


5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Soda

If you absolutely adore soda, then you probably aren’t too interested in hearing us walk you through a long list in regard to reasons to stop drinking it. However, if you’re also more than happy to walk around sporting a beautiful and healthy smile, then the details our Austin, TX team offers are probably something you should begin taking seriously as soon as possible. Remember, our goal is always to promote excellent oral health, so you enjoy long-term success with your grin!


Looking For Reasons To Buy An Electric Brush? We Can Help.

If you’re not the type of person to simply purchase a new dental hygiene product on impulse but instead, you prefer to weigh your pros and cons and seek out compelling reasons to do so, then you might be thinking about trying an electric toothbrush. However, you may not have added this item of your affections to your dental hygiene collection just yet and that is understandable! What you need is some reasonable evidence that it’s to your advantage to try this item out for the sake of your oral health and, you’ll be pleased to learn, our Austin, TX team is more than happy to help!


How About Now? Do I Still Need To Brush?

There are some very basic guidelines (that are also quite straightforward) for you to follow in regard to what you should be doing with your brushing. When you follow our Austin, TX team’s suggestions for your preventive dental care at home, of course, you keep your smile clean. When your smile remains clean, it’s much easier for it to remain healthy. While you know that the general rule is to brush twice a day, every single day, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a what-if question or two! However, when you consider some possible what-ifs you might stumble upon, you’ll start to better understand why the original guidelines hold true and, of course, you will still need to brush!


Cosmetic Care: New Year, New Smile, Same Wonderful Options!

One of the most exciting things about your smile, when it comes to its appearance, is that we can actually do something to make it better if you have goals and hopes and dreams (or if esthetic damage comes into the picture). On a similar note, one of the most exciting things about a new year is that it’s full of inspiration and often provides you with that spark of intention that nudges you into our Austin, TX practice to receive the cosmetic care that you really want for yourself. Then, of course, there is the fact that our comprehensive selection of treatments still stands, so whatever it is you think you’d like to improve, we can make it happen! Now: About how to bring all of these details together, so you can fall in love with your grin…


How To Get Started With Achieving Common Smile Goals

Now that we’re into a fresh new set of 12 months, we ask you: What are your smile goals for 2019? If you are like many of our patients, then your response may fall into one of a smattering of very common categories. Though you might feel very excited about following through with your ideas and coming out at the end of the year with a healthy and gorgeous grin that you’ve been planning on achieving, there may be one thing in your way: Figuring out how to get started with dental care! Of course, this can be a stumbling block but once you’ve begun, it’s generally smooth sailing until you get where you’re going!


Are ClearCorrect® Aligners Really Better than Braces?

When it comes to straightening crooked teeth, many patients search for a better option than traditional orthodontic braces. For example, they may be uncomfortable with how braces make their smiles look, or the many accommodations that often come with wearing them. Fortunately, patients at our Austin, TX, dental office often have a better option than braces, thanks to the comfort and convenience of ClearCorrect® aligners. (more…)

Root Canal Treatment: Q & A

When it comes to root canal treatment, almost everyone cracks a joke about how much it will hurt, and that’s the end of that. Luckily, your caring family dentist in Austin, TX knows that many times people are seeking real information, but don’t know where to turn for answers. When a tooth has a severe issue, it may be possible to save the tooth with a root canal treatment. The visible portion is then usually covered with a natural-looking artificial crown, and your life can continue as usual.  (more…)

Veneers: The Extremely Simple Reasons To Get Excited!

When you begin looking into cosmetic treatments for your smile, you may hesitate when you discover the treatment we call porcelain veneers. Do the results that they offer sound good? Of course they do! When you see what someone’s smile with veneers looks like, it seems too good to be true. As a result, you may assume that choosing them for yourself must have some sort of catch, be extremely complicated, and the list goes on. Amazingly enough, most of the things you learn about them will be that deciding on them is quite simple across the board. Ready to focus on some of these very simple reasons you can get excited? Follow our Austin, TX team through some examples!


Q&A: Care For Your Cavities In 2019

Have you been told by our friendly Austin, TX team that you have a cavity (or two or three)? If so, we want to be sure you realize treating them just as soon as you possibly can is always to your benefit. Why can’t you just wait, you wonder? Why don’t your teeth hurt if you need dental fillings, you ask? We can easily answer these questions and more, so you enjoy a new year that’s full of good oral health, a comfortable smile, and a greatly decreased risk of additional smile-related problems. Let’s go!