Tips: It’s Possible To Enjoy Dental Hygiene

tipsrainbowDo you think that no matter what you do, you’re not going to be able to find a way to enjoy brushing and flossing your teeth? Perhaps, you imagine, nobody else enjoys it either but it’s just one of those things everyone pretends that they like. Actually, you might be shocked to learn something very valuable: Taking care of your oral health with consistent dental hygiene does not need to evoke feelings of dread and terror. Instead, it’s something that can become an okay (or even a wonderful) experience if you find the right angle from which to approach it. Consider our helpful tips.


Whitening Those Teeth!

smilewhitegoldenhairAre you wondering what you can do to whiten your teeth? Fortunately, if you are interested in making your smile look much more uniform (and sparkling), you may wish to come in to learn more about teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is simple, while offering extraordinary improvements to the beauty of your teeth and overall smile. Let’s provide you with some helpful details that will assist you in becoming oriented with how whitening may benefit you.


Cavity Prevention: Why Flossing Is Essential

whyworldWe understand that you may have a complicated relationship with flossing your smile and, as a result, with your dental hygiene. When you’re pressed for time or very tired, this step can feel like an “extra” task that you have to accomplish. When you’re in a good mood and have all the time in the world, this step may feel like a wonderful gift, since a completely clean mouth is always something to smile about! While it would be nice to make preventive care choices based on emotion, protecting your smile is all about facts. The primary facts, of course, being that you need to brush and you need to floss to keep your smile healthy. Let’s explore the “why” regarding your need to floss.


Dental Sealant FAQs

FAQschalkDo you think it might be time to go ahead with dental sealants for your child’s smile? Maybe this is something that you assume must be great for your little one’s teeth – but the details continue to escape you. Naturally, the more you know about sealants and how they may benefit your son or daughter’s oral health, the easier it becomes to feel confident about such a choice. Let’s help you become more familiar with this children’s dentistry treatment.


FAQs: Electric Toothbrushes

FAQsDid an electric toothbrush catch your eye on television recently, online, or even while walking through the dental hygiene aisle of a local store? You may suddenly find yourself feeling curious about this device even if it’s something you have been overlooking for quite some time. Like many patients, you may also be wondering whether this powered brush is something that will help you maintain your oral health with greater efficiency and success – or not. Let’s rely on some frequently asked questions (and answers) to help you decide if going for the electric option is a good choice for you.


3 Ways You’re Drying Out Your Lips

3magentaHave you been wondering what’s going on with your lips? Is it an oral health issue, you wonder? Perhaps they are feeling a bit parched. This may come up as the result of multiple issues. For instance, your entire body may be dehydrated, which means your lips are lacking in moisture, too. Or, the weather may have turned quite dry or cold, leaving you with dry skin and uncomfortable lips. Allow us to help you identify the problem, so you can address the source and enjoy the relief you seek.


Fast Facts: Cleaning Your Toothbrush

toothbrushblondewomanSo, you know which type of toothbrush you should use to ensure you enjoy excellent dental hygiene and oral health. You also know that it’s important that you brush your teeth twice daily (for the rest of your life!) to protect your smile. What you might not know, though, is that there’s a right way to clean your toothbrush. There are also a lot of unnecessary suggestions out there that might make you question your efforts. Let’s clear up the confusion with some fast facts.


Dental Crowns VS Veneers

veneersDental crowns have been around for centuries, but porcelain crowns weren’t introduced until the 1800s. Veneers, on the other hand, have only been around since the mid-1930s. However, both of these dental restorations have become extremely popular, especially since the 1980s when actors like Jim Carrey, and numerous others, began having complete smile makeovers. Because these two types of dental restorations can resolve many of the same issues, you may wonder how to decide which will work best for your particular situation. Although your dentist will help you make the final decision, when it comes to deciding between crowns and veneers here are some things you should know.


Update on Smoking Types and Oral Health

Update on Smoking and Oral HealthThe adverse affect smoking has on oral health has been established for many years. As a cosmetic tooth whiteness issue: tobacco products of all kinds (this includes smoking, dipping, chewing, and smoking cigars and pipes) will discolor teeth. Nicotine is a factor in dry mouth, which increases the chance of tooth decay. Many smokers are looking for ways to lessen smoking’s impact on their general health, and their oral health. Have you wondered if using marijuana (where it is legal) or e-cigarettes (vaping) affects your oral health? (more…)

Can Drinking Milk Help You Fight Cavities?

can drinking milk help you prevent cavitiesGood oral health is about more than just brushing and flossing your teeth on a tight schedule. What you consume, and the order in which you consume it, has a significant influence on the forces that harm your teeth and your ability to defend against them. For instance, you may have heard for most of your life that eating too much candy can rot your teeth. Today, we explain the other side of how food can affect your oral health by exploring how drinking milk can help you prevent cavities. (more…)