Dental Sealant FAQs

FAQschalkDo you think it might be time to go ahead with dental sealants for your child’s smile? Maybe this is something that you assume must be great for your little one’s teeth – but the details continue to escape you. Naturally, the more you know about sealants and how they may benefit your son or daughter’s oral health, the easier it becomes to feel confident about such a choice. Let’s help you become more familiar with this children’s dentistry treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Sealants

Question: Why should I consider dental sealants for my child?

Answer: We encourage sealants because they block out plaque – the plaque adheres to the thin plastic coating over the chewing surface of your child’s tooth, rather than directly to the tooth tissue – your child will then brush it away during brushing sessions. This helps those highly grooved surfaces avoid decay.

Question: How long will the dental sealants provide protection for my child’s teeth?

Answer: Fortunately, the sealants may last up to a decade, which means approximately 10 years of protection (give or take). We will touch up the sealant as it wears away if your child is still in need of protection against decay.

Question: Can’t I just make sure my child is brushing really well?

Answer: You can certainly monitor your child’s brushing habits. However, dental hygiene is simply a skill that takes time to master. To help your child establish a positive feeling about dental care without developing cavities on hard-to-clean teeth, sealants offer a wonderful solution.