Is Tooth Decay Able To Cause Dental Pain?

If your tooth starts to hurt, and you are not sure what the matter might be, you may suspect that a cavity has formed. What you should know is that a cavity can actually form before pain becomes an issue. That persistent ache, or a problem with heightened sensitivity, may be a warning that your tooth has become infected as a result of decay. Our Austin, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with this matter. After restoring your tooth’s health, we can put a permanent restoration in place to keep it protected. Our practice uses technology to produce crowns in as little as one visit, so our approach can actually lead to a shorter treatment experience for you!

A Cavity Can Form Before You Start To Feel Discomfort

A cavity may not cause discomfort when it initially forms. This does not mean that it is nothing to worry about. Once a cavity has developed, it will take restorative dental work to address it. However, the approach to your care can change as it continues to grow. Prompt treatment from your dentist can end with your tooth being restored with a dental filling. If the tooth’s condition worsens to the point that you have constant pain to worry about, it may take a root canal procedure to fully address the matter.

A Painful Toothache Can Be A Warning That Your Tooth Is Infected

Tooth infections develop when bacteria enter the pulp – the tooth’s central chamber – and attack that tooth’s living tissues. When this occurs, it can become hard to ignore the discomfort you experience. You may have significant pain, or find yourself uncomfortable with how sensitive your tooth has become. Make sure you take the possibility of a tooth infection seriously. If too much time passes without it being treated, you may wind up losing it!

What To Expect From Cavity Treatment

While the specific approach to cavity treatment can vary based on the condition of your tooth, the overall goal will be to remove decaying and infected tissues before providing protection in the form of a permanent restoration. For a tooth that has to undergo root canal treatment to deal with an infection, you can expect to receive a dental crown. We can make a lifelike crown for you in our office. The process is typically something we can complete in a day, making treatment more convenient than at locations that depend on third party laboratories for their dental restorations.

Austin General Dentistry Provides Cavity Treatment For Area Families

Our Austin, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who have concerns about advanced tooth decay. If you are dealing with pain or sensitivity, we can determine if a cavity is responsible, and take the appropriate action to deal with the matter. To find out more, please call Austin General Dentistry at 512-346-5540.