Q&A: Could My Flossing Be Better?

dentalflossWe are always pleased to learn that our patients are flossing and even more pleased when they check in to find out if they’re doing a good job. So, if you were worried that asking about your approach is something to be embarrassed about, don’t be! Even if you confess you haven’t flossed in quite some but that you would like to begin (and would like to do it well), you can expect our full support. Now, about making sure your flossing is beneficial to your oral health – give us a minute to answer some common questions.


What’s The Right Way To Brush?

questionmarkblueDo you know that it’s very important to brush your teeth every day – but you worry that your knowledge on this dentistry topic ends there? Don’t be embarrassed! If you are dedicated to your dental hygiene, then you’re already on the right track. You just need some clarification regarding how you should approach this aspect of preventive care to ensure you’re seeing the results you want. Ready to effectively remove plaque and protect your smile? Let’s explore teeth brushing!


Does Food Stain Teeth?

does food stain teethYour teeth can stain for a wide variety of reasons, including naturally from age and the foods you eat. While there are a variety of cosmetic dental treatments that can erase your teeth’s blemishes, understanding the mechanisms that stain your teeth can help you prepare and protect your smile. For your smile’s sake, we examine how dark-pigmented foods and beverages leave their impression on your teeth. (more…)

What Are Tooth Decay and Cavities?

what are tooth decay and cavitiesTooth decay is an infection in your tooth that results from excessive plaque and tartar, and cavities are the holes that form in your teeth as tooth decay spreads. When you understand tooth decay, you can more effectively prevent it, and prevent cavities from destroying your healthy tooth structure (or costing you a tooth). If decay does develop, then your dentist may spot it early enough during a routine checkup and cleaning to treat the cavity before it becomes a significant problem. (more…)

Do You Need Same Day Crowns?

austincrownWe may place a dental crown for a variety of reasons. For example, we can use them to repair a damaged tooth or address dental infection. They can also be used to address cosmetic and restorative issues with the tooth’s shape. In the past, placing one meant two to three visits and a temporary worn in between. Now, we can provide them in a single day. Do you need same day crowns?