Should You Try To Improve Your Brushing Habits?

By consistently brushing your teeth, you can keep yourself safe against bacteria buildup, tartar formation, and issues with cavities. If you have recently experienced problems that required restorative dentistry, or if you regularly have issues like tartar accumulation or gum disease pointed out at routine dental exams, you may feel less than satisfied with your oral care routine. What can you do to see better results from your efforts to clean your teeth? If you have struggled with problems that affect your oral health, your Austin, TX dentist can talk to you about beneficial changes to your routine. That can mean brushing more often or more thoroughly, but it can also cover matters like flossing and making smart diet choices.

Why Am I Still Dealing With Cavities When I Brush Regularly?

While brushing on a regular basis is important, you should know that consistency is just one part of an effective smile care routine. It is important to take the time to be thorough while you brush, and make an effort to reach those spaces that are difficult to reach comfortably. When people rush the process of cleaning their teeth, those less accessible areas can go uncleaned, which make them spots where tartar formation can occur. If this happens, it can take more effort from your hygienist to clean them, and you are more likely to need a dental filling or dental crown at your next appointment.

Remember That Flossing Is Also Important

Taking the time to floss each day is also important, as this action protects you against gum disease and tooth decay. Even with a thorough brushing routine, you can have a hard time reaching those spaces between teeth that you clean while flossing. If you are inconsistent or infrequent about flossing, bacteria that gather in these spaces can infect your gums or damage these portions of your enamel.

Unsure About The State Of Your Smile? Dental Exams Keep You Informed

If you want to be sure you have a good smile care routine in place, stay on top of your oral health needs at regular dental exams. Checkups provide important preventive dental services – your teeth are professionally cleaned, and your dentist looks closely for any signs of trouble. These visits also give you time to discuss your current oral care habits, which can help you do a better job protecting your smile in the future.

Talk To Your Austin, TX Dentist For Tips On Better Smile Care

At our Austin, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to help our patients keep their teeth in good health through the years. While the preventive services provided at every routine exam can help you manage your oral health, we also encourage good brushing and flossing habits so that your teeth stay healthy between visits. You can contact Austin General Dentistry at 512-346-5540 to schedule a visit.