What Are Your Biggest Cavity Risks?

Most chronic dental health issues, like cavities and gum disease, are the result of harmful oral bacteria and the substances they produce. However, there are many different factors that come together to make it possible for harmful oral bacteria to affect your smile. At our Austin, TX, dentist’s office, our goal is to help you preserve your smile by controlling or addressing such risks. Today, we help you learn more about protecting your smile from tooth decay be reviewing some of the most common ways you might be increasing your risks of cavities.

Your hygiene routine

Your daily hygiene routine is the frontline of your battle against oral bacteria. The plaque that these bacteria form develops on your teeth constantly throughout the day, and it doesn’t take long for that plaque to calcify into tartar. Before it does, you can effectively remove the plaque by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once. The more often you skip cleaning your teeth, or if you do so without paying much attention, then your risks of cavity development will naturally be higher than usual.

Your snacking habits

The microbes in your mouth are most harmful when they metabolize nutrients in your food and turn them into harmful substances. For example, certain types of oral bacteria consume sugar and other carbs, then convert them into acids that attack and weaken your tooth enamel. The more often you snack on sugary foods and drink sweet beverages, the more you expose your teeth to the harmful acids and other substances that oral bacteria produce. For optimal results, stay away from sugary foods and beverages, and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water every time you eat.

Your avoidance of the dentist

Your dentist is the final piece to the puzzle when it comes to preventing cavities, or any other oral health issues. When you attend a routine checkup and cleaning appointment, your dentist can thoroughly remove plaque and any traces of tartar that have developed on your teeth. This removes the threat of them producing enough acids to compromise your tooth enamel and structure. Your dentist can also spot the earliest signs of cavity development and recommend appropriate treatment to address it as early as possible.

Learn how to control cavity risks

Cavities are common, but everyone’s specific risks of developing them are unique. To learn more about what your biggest cavity risks are, schedule a consultation by calling Austin General Dentistry in Austin, TX today at 512-346-5540.