Why Bother Worrying About Bad Breath?

No, we aren’t talking about the bad breath that you experience when you delve into the deep end of your favorite, garlic-loaded pasta dish and walk away with an unapproachable mouth. Instead, our Austin, TX team is discussing the type of breath situation you end up with that’s chronic. It’s called halitosis and it can really start to make your daily life feel like it’s packed full of challenges, such as trying to figure out how to speak with friends or colleagues without offending them with your breath! With that said, though, part of you may figure you’ll just have to get used to it but that it’s not really worth worrying about. We disagree! Find out more regarding why you should take action quickly!

Gum Isn’t An Actual Solution

You may assume you shouldn’t worry about your serious bad breath because you’re already doing something about it. You’re chewing sugarless gum with a minty freshness that helps to cloak your breath. See what we said there? It temporarily covers up your breath but it doesn’t actually make it go away. So, if you were thinking that you don’t need to worry about this issue because you can just pop a stick of gum or mint, think again: The problem is still there and the unpleasant odor will return, which doesn’t bode well for your social life or for your oral health in the long run!

Yucky Breath Can Come From Dry Mouth

If your mouth is persistently dry, then it may be a disorder requiring our care (which leads to bad breath). Always let us know if this is affecting you, as it can lead to oral health consequences.

Your Halitosis May Suggest You Need Restorative Care

We know, you figure that the reason your bad breath persists is because you eat so many highly seasoned foods! However, we ask that you back off of those foods and then see what happens. If the breath issue continues, then you know it’s coming from some other place. However, what might that cause be and why are we so insistent that you feel concerned about it, you wonder? Well, in many cases, it means that you may be dealing with some type of hygiene-related problem that includes an overabundance of bacteria! Is it possible that you just really need to come in for a dental cleaning because you’ve got some plaque and tartar buildup? Absolutely! However, it’s also possible that you have an issue like tooth decay or an infection that requires attention and restorative care. Protect your oral health by seeing us when your breath isn’t too pleasant!

Get Bad Breath To Go Away

Let our team know if you’re dealing with a case of bad breath that doesn’t go away even with your best efforts. See us for a dental checkup just as soon as you can, so we can fix the issue! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.