If We Could Monitor Your Dental Hygiene Sessions

Of course, we understand that you would probably feel a little bit weird if we were standing right next to you in your home, watching you brush and floss, while offering words of praise and some recommendations along the way. However, it’s certainly something worth thinking about! If you imagine that we are monitoring your habits, do you feel like we would probably give you glowing reviews at the end of a dental hygiene session? Or, do you think that perhaps we might have some suggestions for improvement? Let our Austin, TX team walk through some little tips we may bring to the experience that you’re not even expecting, so you can keep them in mind as you protect that lovely smile!

Start With A Smile!

Why not start your dental hygiene session with a smile? Remember that your mood actually shifts depending on what you’re emoting. Begin by smiling and taking a quick glance at yourself in the mirror and you just might find yourself having a lighter, more relaxed, enjoyable experience in preventive care!

Not So Much, So Fast, So Hard!

One of the things we do our best to emphasize during your cleanings and checkups with us is that your smile care should always be nice and gentle and within the guidelines. So, it’s very possible that if we were to monitor your dental hygiene, we may find ourselves exclaiming something like “not so much” in reference to too much toothpaste (you only need a pea-size blob), “not so fast!” because every brushing session needs to last two minutes, and certainly, “not so hard!” because aggressive care is bad for your smile but it is easy to get carried away!

Wait A Second! Bristles Out And Up!

No, we’re not referring to the way you should be brushing during dental hygiene. If so, your brush would never make contact with your teeth! When we make the comment that your bristles should be out and up, we are referring to the way you should be storing your toothbrush between sessions. If the brush is out in your bathroom, exposed to the air, and you have the bristles up instead of facing your countertop, then you’re in good shape because you’re giving it the chance to fully dry. If not, you’re promoting the multiplying of bacteria that you really don’t want to introduce into your mouth during your following brushing routine!

Make Your Dental Hygiene Its Best

When you’re open to suggestions for best practices in smile care, even the smallest bit of information can have a significant impact. Remember that we are always happy to offer advice and answer questions during your checkups! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.