Can I Whiten Now, Not Yet, Or Never?

When you sit back and consider the idea of teeth whitening for yourself, you may realize that your thoughts primarily focus on the fact that you’re not sure when you’ll be able to whiten. If this is the case, then that means you haven’t been in to see our Austin, TX team for a cosmetic consultation just yet (which we highly recommend because it will provide you with time to receive answers to your every whitening question and more!). You may ask yourself: Are you ready now, are you going to need to do something to become a candidate, or is traditional whitening just not in the cards for you? Allow us to help.

You May Whiten Your Smile Now If…

We remind you that you are probably a very good candidate for teeth whitening right now if a couple factors come into play. First, it’s important that you understand what whitening is and what it will help you accomplish. If you have not yet spoken with us about other cosmetic treatments, you may need to do so to be sure the care you are seeking and your goals line up! Next, of course, is the primary requirement for candidacy: A healthy smile. If your smile is in wonderful condition, then you’re likely ready to give us a call, schedule your appointment with us, and quickly find yourself on your way toward brighter teeth.

You May Whiten Soon If…

Then again, you might not be ready right this instant. However, if you know that teeth whitening is for you, it may take just a bit of preparatory work to have you ready to go! So, what might this entail? Well, remember that detail about having a healthy smile? If you don’t currently have one, it’s time to focus on getting it back up to an optimal level of well being. That means treating any existing problems, such as gingivitis, tooth decay, etc. Once your smile is healthy, it’s safe for our team to administer cosmetic care! Need some help with all of the details? Come on in!

You May Need Another Treatment If…

Now, for the part in which you might find out that teeth whitening is never going to be a good idea for you. Not to worry! This is only the case if it turns out an alternative option is more appropriate for your smile needs. Maybe your staining is deep or severe. Maybe you want more than just a whiter smile. Perhaps you would like to whiten artificial teeth (and require replacements). There’s a solution for you! If not whitening, veneers or bonding! Find out the details with a visit.

Learn More About Whitening Candidacy

Find out all about whether or not you qualify for traditional teeth whitening with our team or if you need an alternative solution. Schedule a cosmetic consultation with us soon for a personalized, smile-whitening care plan. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.