How To Get Started: Selecting Veneers

Getting started with treatments that you don’t know a lot about but that sound like something that might be perfect for you can be a little bit frustrating. You like what you’ve heard but you don’t know if you’re supposed to just ring us up and say, “Hello, I’m ready for my porcelain veneers now!” or if there’s some other more appropriate way to begin. We know that cosmetic care can seem a little overwhelming when you’re not familiar with it yet. However, once you’ve got the approach down, you’ll see it’s very easy and quite rewarding!

Schedule Time For A Visit

It’s very important that you learn all about porcelain veneers before you simply decide they are for you. This is true for a variety of reasons. First, they’re not just a quick treatment like teeth whitening. The process may require two to three visits and we will be bonding thin ceramic shells over your teeth to create the illusion of the smile you’ve been wishing for! In addition, we need to ensure you’re someone whose needs are suited to veneers. You may discover that you can rely on other cosmetic solutions for your goals. Or, you may find that veneers are “just right.” You cannot know until we’ve seen your smile, heard about your plans, and have collaborated with you.

Set Up Your Treatment

As long as your smile is healthy (if it requires work, we will treat problems like decay first), then it’s a matter of considering your budget, your timeline, your daily schedule, and figuring out when getting started is best for you. After you hammer out the details, you can simply give us a call and set up your first visit for impressions. We will send them to a lab, where a master ceramicist will create your custom veneers and you’ll be on your way toward a complete smile transformation!

Take Time To Learn About Veneers

Schedule a consultation with us to talk about veneers, as well as other cosmetic options, so we can begin steering you in the right direction to accomplish your smile goals. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.