2 Good Reasons To Select Veneers

2redIf your knowledge of porcelain veneers is somewhat surface level, you might not know much about their many benefits or if they would make a good solution for your cosmetic care needs. As you begin to gather new details, however, you may quickly discover that they offer everything you’ve ever wanted (and more) or that they offer far more than you really need. To begin your advanced education in veneers and to help you get a feel for whether they’re right for you, we offer up two good reasons to select them.

Reason #1: You Want A Makeover (Fast)

If you want a smile makeover and you want it now you will find that porcelain veneers can do this for you. Of course, when time is not an issue, we can always combine a variety of other cosmetic treatments to provide the intense transformation you are looking for. However, if you would like the most efficient and comprehensive option for a nearly brand new smile, veneers allow you to do so because they address all of the change you want to see, not just one or two at a time. Those changes can include:

  • Addressing mildly rotated teeth
  • Closing little gaps between teeth
  • Improving the whiteness and uniform color of your smile
  • Improving symmetry
  • Camouflaging textural problems

Reason #2: Other Treatments Will Not Suffice

Sometimes, we suggest porcelain veneers as the best solution because a patient’s esthetic damage is too advanced for other cosmetic treatments. For instance, if your teeth resist bleaching or if your staining is deep, veneers cover the problem with a natural finish. If the texture of your teeth is quite rough or you are dealing with serious uniformity concerns, we can address them with veneers. The list continues! To learn more, contact us today.