Smart, Sweet, Smile-Safer Choices For Easter

You know that if you were to eat hard candies throughout your Easter celebration that you would either be saturating teeth for quite a while with sugar and dyes (or, if you’re the type of person who bites your hard candy, you may be exposing your teeth to possible chips and cracks). You know that anything that’s highly sticky will also saturate your smile and can get stuck. So, are you overlooking anything else regarding your smile health when it comes to the sweet side of your upcoming festivities? We think a couple hints may be just what you need to feel fully informed!

Hint: Choose The Hollow Chocolate

First, if you have ever researched this topic, you know that chocolate is one of those candies that’s a little easier on the teeth and your smile health than others. This is because it melts down, you swallow it, and it’s rinsed from your teeth with your saliva very quickly. So, it doesn’t tend to hang around like chewy candies might. Now, if you really want to make sure you’re making a good choice on Easter, go for the hollow-bodied bunnies! You’ll be biting into a thin layer of chocolate, which is easy for teeth, which promises to dissolve super fast, and there’s not quite as much sugar there as you think there is (since it’s not solid chocolate).

Hint: Beware The Citric Acid

The name sort of speaks for itself! Citric acid, the main ingredient in very sour candies, is acidic. That means the candies you or your children are eating, if they’re quite sour, are acidic, too. Remember that it’s not only sugar that plays a big role in the breakdown of enamel and eventual tooth decay but acids, as well. To keep your smile health nice and safe, avoid the urge to include these types of candies, so you’re not making things even riskier for your teeth!

Ask Us For Guidance To Protect Your Teeth

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