Ways To Minimize Sugar’s Harmful Effects

You know that if you eat sugar and candy all day long, every day, it will be no surprise if you end up with a cavity (or two). As a result, you may feel extremely worried about any particle of sugar that passes through your lips. Since you may really like sweet treats, though, you might be hoping for some help regarding enjoying a small to moderate amount, while making choices that can help minimize the likelihood of tooth decay. We’ve got some helpful suggestions!

Use A Straw

If you’re going to drink something full of sugar, you don’t want to fill your mouth with it. It’s akin to a sugar bath for your teeth. Why not try a straw? It will help you enjoy your drink without creating as much direct contact between dental tissue and sugars, thereby minimizing sugar’s potentially harmful effects like tooth decay.

Eat Dessert With Meals

Eating desserts with meals will help you keep sugar from resting on your teeth. The other foods will help remove it as you chew.

Quickly Follow Sugar With Water Or Gum

If you eat candy, chances are good that you won’t always have time to go to the bathroom to rinse your mouth out, to wait about a half hour or so, and to then brush your smile. So, your alternatives to get that sugar off of your teeth to prevent tooth decay include drinking water (feel free to swish a few times) and/or to simply chew gum that does not contain sugar. Easy.

Avoid Tooth Decay With Our Tips And Cleanings!

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