Is It Time To Tell Your Dentist About That Toothache?

Would you ever choose to live with a painful toothache? When you consider how much trouble a toothache can create as you try to go about your typical day, it is hard to imagine anyone putting up with this discomfort. With that said, people sometimes resign themselves to this painful experience because they put off treatment in hopes the matter might go away on its own. If you have a persistent toothache, it could be due to an infection that can actually grow more severe, and potentially cause you to lose your tooth! Your Austin, TX dentist can determine if your tooth is infected, and provide the appropriate restorative dental work to address the matter.

A Toothache That Won’t Go Away Could Be A Symptom Of Infection

If your tooth continues to hurt over time, it may be because of an infection. Infections can occur when a cavity is not treated in time, or because of a tooth injury. You should be concerned if this affects you, as an infection can have serious consequences. It is possible for bacteria attacking the inner chamber of your tooth to harm your tooth to the point where it cannot be saved. You can also be affected by bacteria traveling through the tooth’s root to cause further health troubles.

Arranging Restorative Dental Treatment

After examining your aching tooth, your dentist can determine how to approach treating it. If there is a problem with infection, the problem can be treated with a root canal procedure. Root canals make it possible to save a tooth that is badly infected or injured so that your full smile remains intact. After you have a tooth’s health restored, it can be sealed with a dental crown to protect it from a new infection or further damage. Our practice can produce same-day crowns, which means we can shorten the time it takes to fully address your toothache!

Stay Informed About Your Oral Health At Regular Dental Appointments

If you want to avoid difficulties with tooth infections, remember that your dentist is able to identify signs of decay in its earlier stages during a routine dental exam. Regular exams also provide support through professional teeth cleanings, which help you avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease. By staying consistent with your exams, you can have an easier time protecting yourself from experiencing another persistent toothache!

Austin General Dentistry Is Ready To Help You Address A Toothache

At Austin General Dentistry, patients suffering from dental pain can count on care in a welcoming environment. Your Austin, TX dentist is prepared to identify trouble with your tooth, and also ready to put a stop to a problem that affects it. To schedule a consultation, call Austin General Dentistry in Austin, TX, at 512-346-5540.