Quick Answers: How To Know If You Need Bonding Or Contouring! 

What you probably already realize is that if you are interested in cosmetic care for an issue you’re having with your smile … but it’s not a serious, severe, or all-over issue … dental bonding and contouring often come to the rescue! While they can treat little bitty details, you likely realize that treating even the smallest of eyesores can result in what appears to be a dazzlingly revived grin! However, as you get down to the particulars of whether you require bonding for your need or contouring, the answer may escape you. Don’t fret! Our Austin, TX practice has the beautifying-related information you need, coming right up!

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Of course, the easiest way to figure out if you need dental bonding or dental contouring? Don’t try to do a bunch of research on your own. Instead, give our team the opportunity to provide you with any and all information you need to completely understand what makes these cosmetic care treatments different, why they’re often confused, and which is going to give you what you need for the smile you really want.

Ask Yourself: Less Tissue Or More Tissue?

The very easy way to begin approaching whether you need dental bonding or contouring? Asking yourself whether your cosmetic blemish would be better with the addition of what looks like dental tissue (that’s bonding) or with the removal of tissue (that’s contouring). See? Easier than it seems!

Consider: Do You Need Camouflaging?

Remember that when you’re considering dental bonding and contouring, bonding is an additive process. We use color-customized composite that not only allows us to “build up” areas of your teeth to fill in little spaces or to create longer teeth but that also allows us to offer coverage. For instance, the use of a thin layer of composite through the use of bonding will allow us to brighten one or more teeth or to cover an isolated stain. Since contouring only removes tissue, remember that for whitening purposes, it is bonding that you will want.

Hint: You Might Need Both!

Don’t forget that while you may spend a lot of your time focusing on whether you need either dental bonding or contouring, in some cases, patients benefit best from a combination of both, addressing some aspects of a cosmetic care concern by adding tissue and others by removing just a bit!

Better Understand Bonding With A Visit

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