Your Exceptional Grin: How To Get More Out Of 2020

With each passing year, we all decide that we’re going to do our absolute best in terms of areas of our lives that could use a bit of improvement. If you have your smile care on that list for 2020, then the underlying goal you’re considering is how to get more out of your experience for the year, so you’re enjoying a very healthy and beautiful looking smile! Unfortunately, if you aren’t really sure what you can do any differently other than remember to brush and floss, then a bit of inspiration may be just the ticket! Lucky for you, our Austin, TX team is full of helpful considerations!

Plan Your Year In Advance

How do you usually approach your smile care? Do you call us, set up a dental checkup and cleaning, receive it, head home, and then wait several months before scheduling the next one? Have you ever missed a visit as a result of this way of setting up care? To ensure you are absolutely on track with your teeth and gums, we encourage you to schedule out as much of your year in advance as you can. Call us to put both visits on the calendar and you’ll be ahead of the game and ready for success!

Set Monthly Hygiene Goals

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by the daily dental hygiene goal? Do you find that you wish you had some sort of bigger incentive? If so, you may want to consider setting monthly goals that end with some sort of reward (or, at least, a big pat on the back for a job well done). Consider checking off daily care, including twice-daily brushing and your once-daily flossing, with the goal of achieving a solid month of perfect completion. It can make getting into the habit (and feeling proud of a bigger goal) much easier.

Check In On All Areas Of Dental Care

Maybe you’ve done a wonderful job with your preventive smile care this year. However, you don’t feel amazing about your smile. In order to get more out of next year, we encourage you to remember to take a look at all areas of care. Ask yourself if you need a tooth replacement, if you’d like to switch from traditional support to implant support, if there’s cosmetic dentistry you’d like for yourself, and more. Getting the most out of 2020, simply means considering all of our services!

Make Your Smile Healthy In 2020

Remember that with the New Year comes the promise of a clean slate and getting on track with any and all aspects of your oral health care! Set up your visits with us in advance for an easy experience! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.