If It’s Not Classic Discoloration, What Is It?

You know what discoloration is, of course. It’s when the years of just being alive and using your smile, the sodas, the coffee, the spaghetti sauce, the food coloring, and more have all managed to slowly but surely leave their mark on your smile. They lead to the buildup of stains that eventually cause your grin to look yellowed or just not very vibrant. However, what about other stuff that might leave your teeth somewhat dim, rather than dazzling and snowy white? Our Austin, TX team is happy to shed some light on this often confusing topic, so you know what’s up and so you can learn how to attain a whiter smile.

It Could Be Damaged Enamel

Your enamel is the outer tissue layer that you can gently see through, when you look at your teeth. It’s translucent, it’s extremely strong, and it acts as a serious measure of protection for all that lies beneath. What’s next, after your enamel, you ask? It’s a layer of tissue called dentin. It’s yellow but you usually have enough enamel (which naturally reflects light) to cause your teeth to look “white.” However, when your enamel becomes eroded due to consuming lots of acids, dealing with oral health problems, or due to physical erosion, it thins. As a result, it’s easier to see that yellow dentin, so your smile may look discolored. Want a healthier and whiter smile? Come in to see us!

Your Smile May Need Some Serious Cleaning!

You might think that your smile is looking stained these days because of the usual culprits. However, it is possible that if you haven’t been thorough and consistent with prevention that you have a layer of plaque and tartar (very hard plaque that is only removable with professional care) that’s building up on your teeth. It will cause your smile to look dingy. It’s also dangerous for your oral health! Get back into the swing of proper prevention, address any smile concerns, and talk with us about a whiter smile by seeing us for a checkup and cleaning soon.

Hint: You Might Be Seeing Dental Work

When you visit our team for dental work, we have not only the health of your smile but also the beauty of your smile in mind! However, if you have dental work you have received from other practices, from dark fillings to bridges and more, then your smile may not look as consistent and white as you would like. See us soon about white fillings, etc., that can revive your not-so-vibrant grin into a whiter smile.

Brighten Your Teeth With Professional Care

Stop making guesses about why your smile doesn’t appear whiter in the mirror and instead, take the time to call our team to schedule a cosmetic consultation! Learn all about your options when you see us. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.