Halloween: Culprits You Just Don’t See Coming

Boo! If you think that the only things lurking about this Halloween are ghouls and goblins, our Austin, TX team has some news for you! Beyond the fun stuff that’s meant to give you a fright, there are also some very real threats that can lead to oral health damage! Since you most definitely don’t want these easy-to-avoid culprits to interrupt your otherwise exciting holiday plans, we strongly encourage you to take some simple yet important steps toward protecting your teeth! Trust us when we say, a Halloween without broken teeth is worth a tiny bit of extra caution!

Unseen Nuts In Candies And Pastries

What’s that you’re reaching for? A brownie? Cookie? An indulgent chocolate? When you’re gobbling down the extra-delicious stuff that isn’t your usual daily fare but that’s so lovely to enjoy on Halloween, we advise you to check it out first. It’s surprisingly easy to bite into something with hidden nuts, only to crack a tooth. Ask questions. Check ingredients. It’s that easy!

Stuff You Cannot See In The Dark!

It’s Halloween, after all, so coming up against something that’s hiding in the dark is nothing new! However, we remind you that this can become a serious culprit for smile damage, which means keeping your oral health safe equates to making sure you can see where you’re going (especially if you’re deciding to trick or treat). Wear your glasses, even if it doesn’t go with your costume. Take your mask off, as you walk. Light the way if you’re outside in the dark. You get the idea!

Problems For A Silently Damaged Tooth

You may already have a cavity without realizing it, if you haven’t been in to see us in a while. This will not necessarily bode well for your smile, as you’re doing your best to enjoy Halloween! So, we encourage you to come in ASAP if you’re worried about your tooth or if it’s been a very long time. Or, do your best to skip anything other than very soft, quickly dissolving candies this year and see us as soon as you can after the holiday. Take this as a reminder to always schedule six-month visits, so you’re always in the know about your oral health and ready for fun times ahead!

Make Halloween A-OK For Your Smile

Remember that even though eating lots of candy and other sweet treats is never beneficial for your smile, we can help you safely make your way through holidays like Halloween with a protected smile. Just ask for tips! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.