Why Does My Tooth Need A Dental Crown?

It’s not that you’re against the idea of receiving a dental crown or that you have anything against them in any way. However, when the suggestion for your oral health comes up in the form of the placement of a crown, you wonder why. This is a completely normal and even admirable way to feel! Exploring the reason behind care that you’re planning on receiving helps you both feel confident about following through and can often help you better protect your smile in the future. Let our Austin, TX team help you get started with your crown education!

Your Cavity Is Quite Serious

You might think that you’re probably just going to come in and be informed that you need a filling if your tooth hurts or if you already know you have a cavity. Maybe you have waited a very long time to receive a filling and upon scheduling your visit, you discovered that we couldn’t place one. Why not? Well, a very serious cavity means you may not have enough tooth tissue for us to work with. Instead, in order to fully protect your tooth after we removed decayed tissue, we will place a dental crown.

You’re Going To Receive A Root Canal Treatment

Are you coming in for a root canal treatment? If so, you may not understand why you also need a dental crown. Here’s what you may be missing: When you receive a root canal, we remove the pulp from within your tooth and any decayed tissue and then fill and seal the opening. Once the infection is cleared, you may not have enough dental tissue left for us to let your tooth remain in place without further support. So, we place a beautiful dental crown to allow you to keep your tooth and to keep it safe.

Your Tooth Is Pretty Damaged!

Is your tooth in bad shape? If so, the usual suggestion is a dental crown, which quickly reestablished structural integrity, and allows you to avoid the requirement of a tooth removal!

Veneers Just Won’t Get The Job Done!

A tooth or teeth that have become quite esthetically damaged are often best suited to help from porcelain veneers. However, what do you do if veneers won’t offer you sufficient camouflaging? In such cases, we sometimes suggest porcelain crowns to help you cover up any sort of serious cosmetic concerns, as you reveal a beautifully improved smile.

Come In For A Beautiful, Lifelike Dental Crown

Set up your dental crown treatment with us, when we recommend this restoration, so you can transform a damaged tooth back into a beautiful, functional, healthy tooth that will last for years to come. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.