Your Daily Flossing: Did You Know…?

If you’re doing what our Austin, TX team suggests in terms of your dental hygiene, then you are flossing once daily in addition to brushing twice daily. While you may feel that as long as you are running floss between your teeth in some manner, you’re on track, our team wants you to remember that if you want to enjoy optimal results, you should really be doing your best! However, what if you aren’t sure what that entails? What if you’re missing a beat here and there? Fortunately, we can cover everything you need to know during checkups. To get started, run yourself through a quick self-assessment for some pre-visit insight that can help right now.

Did You Know It Shouldn’t Hurt?

Are you aware that it shouldn’t hurt to floss your smile? As a matter of fact, you should not be experiencing pain throughout any part of your dental hygiene. If you are noticing that the associated sensations are anything other than pleasant, we encourage you to keep the following in mind:

  • It is absolutely possible that your oral health is okay but that the approach you are taking to brushing and flossing is a little too intense. Try to use gentle motions and gentle, non-abrasive products. If your smile is healthy, then this will yield comfortable dental care.
  • It is also possible that you are dealing with an oral health problem like gingivitis or decay that is causing your dental hygiene to feel uncomfortable. If you suspect that this is the cause, come in for a visit ASAP!

Did You Know You Need Lot Of Floss?

If you’re not using about 18 inches of floss, you’re not using enough. Don’t try to floss with one little strand or you’ll miss out on the benefits (and you’ll have a hard time holding onto it!).

Did You Know We Can Help You?

Don’t be embarrassed! You might feel extremely shy about asking for help with flossing because as far as you are concerned, you should know how to do it already and you should not have to ask for help! The truth is, it’s completely normal to one day feel like you’re on track and the next, wonder if you’ve been flossing incorrectly all of these years. Things change, your preferences or your needs might change, and you may even become more dedicated to dental hygiene, which has you reviewing your methods. Don’t worry about the cause! Focus on the end goal of dental care, which is always to maintain a very healthy smile. Ask our team about any aspect of smile protection you need help with, from the foundational elements like flossing to the complexities! We look forward to your questions.

See Us For Guidance With Flossing

Let us know when you need help with the flossing portion of your dental care at home. Provide us with specific or general questions, so we may determine what you need help with and how to steer you toward improvement. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.