Questions That Pop Up About Your Next Cleaning

When your dental cleanings are sporadic at best but they’re definitely not the consistent, every-six-months event we recommend to you, it’s important to remember that this isn’t in your best interest! If you are already keeping up with your twice-annual care as suggested, though, you may wonder: Why not? Why can’t you just skip a visit here and there, put one off, etc.? Today, you get some to-the-point information from our Austin, TX team, as we respond to the types of questions that frequently pop up for otherwise very dedicated patients!

I’ve Been Brushing Really Well: Do I Still Need One?

We often hear from patients who assume the reason they need dental cleanings is because it helps to compensate when they haven’t been keeping up with their own dental hygiene. This isn’t the case! It’s not something that helps clean up lax habits. Instead, remember that cleanings are a companion to home prevention. They must both happen in order for teeth to stay clean, to avoid the development of cavities and a need for fillings, and for oral health to remain on track! So, if you have been taking excellent care of your smile, good! Still, come in for your cleaning and you’ll be doing things just right.

Can’t I Wait An Extra Few Months?

You may not necessarily be trying to get out of your next dental cleaning. However, you may wonder if you can just put it off for a while? While you are free to call us to discuss the details if you have any pressing obstacles in your schedule, we remind you that generally speaking, the “every six months” suggestion is the best way to remain consistent and consistency is key to long-term oral health. So, don’t wait (unless we inform you otherwise).

I Never Get Cavities! Am I Just Immune?

Probably not. Again, if you’re keeping up with the care we suggest you practice at home, through the use of brushing and flossing, and you’re also coming in to see us for your dental cleanings, don’t let this confuse you. Remember: You’re practicing excellent preventive care, which is the reason you’re not ending up with tooth decay or other problems. You’re keeping your smile free of excess plaque and tartar! The answer, of course, is to continue to keep seeing us like clockwork, so you continue to avoid cavity formation!

Choose Consistent Cleanings For Ongoing Health

Promote your healthiest smile by deciding to continue protecting your teeth and gums with twice-annual dental cleanings. Come in every six months on the dot, so you’re right on track with smile care. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.