Avoiding Broken Teeth: Simple Suggestions!

What’s that? You don’t really want to ever deal with broken teeth but you realize your smile is vulnerable to damage? Well, admitting that your teeth are not invincible is the first step toward taking a smart approach to keeping them safe! As for your best bet in your comprehensive plan for protection, our Austin, TX team is pleased to report that the details are actually quite simple. It’s primarily about keeping your oral health in shape and making smart decisions. Consider some details!

Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Strong

It sounds simple but for nearly every issue that you’re trying to prevent, one of the major answers is going to be for you to do your best to keep your smile healthy and strong. When it comes to broken teeth, of course, if your foundation includes strong teeth, they’re less likely to break. If they are weak, they are more likely to break. Keep the following in mind for the easy approach we suggest for everyone:

  • Brush every day! Do it twice every day. Now you’re on track.
  • Floss every day, just once, also, for lots of smile protection.
  • Try to avoid acidic foods and beverages (as well as sugar) that can damage teeth.
  • Take time for your twice-a-year visits every year!

When It’s Risky, Just Say No!

Whether you’re about to try out a new yoga pose that has a good chance of ending with you hitting the floor with your face, you’re considering popping a piece of candy between your teeth that could potentially damage them, etc., just rely on your instincts and say no thank you! Look for alternatives and you’ll easily avoid broken teeth in such instances.

Wear An Athletic Mouthguard When Relevant

Of course, we don’t suggest you walk around all day, every day, wearing an athletic mouthguard just in case of a strong impact. However, when you’re on out the field, on the court, working out, rollerblading, etc., and there’s a much greater chance of an accidental trauma that could damage your smile and lead to broken teeth, you should really have a mouthguard in place! It can save your smile. Learn more by asking our team about your options during your next dental checkup!

Protect Teeth From Damage

Come in for the dental checkups we suggest you attend every six months and remember to ask for help if you have concerns about protecting your smile. We will run through your every option, so you feel confident! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.