Ways Your Toothbrush Tells You: Replace Me!

There are a lot of things to remember in a day, in a week, over the course of a year, etc. So, when it comes to figuring out just how long you’ve had your toothbrush, whether it’s time to replace this dental hygiene product, and more, you may find yourself at a loss. Until now, that is! Our Austin, TX team reminds you that all you have to do is make a note of when you begin using a new brush and then replace it after three to four months. As for some additional details, we can help you manage those, too!

The Bristles Look Super Frayed

We encourage you to keep an eye on your toothbrush bristles. Remember that if you’re still using a toothbrush that has frayed, damaged looking bristles, then this dental hygiene tool is no longer providing you with effective care and plaque removal. Instead, it needs to be replaced. In addition, we want you to remember that if your brush bristles look quite destroyed well before the three- to four-month mark we suggest for replacement, then you may be practicing hygiene that’s too aggressive. Go easy and ask for additional help during your next cleaning.

It’s Not Working As Well As It Used To

Maybe you forgot to write down or remember the date when you first began using your toothbrush. Since you’re not a heavy brusher but instead brush gently as directed, your toothbrush tends to look nearly the same from one month to the next. One way your brush might be telling you it’s time to move on: It isn’t working as well as it did when you began!

It’s Looking Sort Of … Gross

When you unpackaged your bright, new, shiny toothbrush it looked immaculate! Since then, you’ve been rinsing it after use and placing it (as we suggest) with the bristles pointing up, so it can air dry out in the open. However, it’s not looking so great anymore. Though you’re following through with our rinsing and drying suggestions, the head of the brush looks a little dirty if you get quite close, the bristles look a little stained, and it’s not something you’d really like a visitor to witness. Toss it and begin anew! Remember to really rinse the head of the brush under water after each dental hygiene session and to always replace your toothbrush every three to four months!

Get The Tips You Need For Good Hygiene

When your focus is your dental hygiene and you’ve been wondering if you’re on track with your product selection and use, there’s no better place to learn more than our practice! Set up a dental visit soon. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.