Looking For Reasons To Buy An Electric Brush? We Can Help.

If you’re not the type of person to simply purchase a new dental hygiene product on impulse but instead, you prefer to weigh your pros and cons and seek out compelling reasons to do so, then you might be thinking about trying an electric toothbrush. However, you may not have added this item of your affections to your dental hygiene collection just yet and that is understandable! What you need is some reasonable evidence that it’s to your advantage to try this item out for the sake of your oral health and, you’ll be pleased to learn, our Austin, TX team is more than happy to help!

It’s Gentler On Your Hands And Fingers

If you’re hoping to find a very convincing reason to purchase an electric toothbrush to make part of your dental hygiene collection, maybe keeping your hands, fingers, and arms a bit comfier will help. Whether you suffer from issues that limit movement or that make care uncomfortable, or if you simply enjoy the thought of ease of use when it comes to your smile care products, we suggest you remember: Electric brushes are going to vibrate, which means they are making the strokes necessary to remove plaque and debris. So, instead of moving the brush back and forth in little motions, you’re just going to be moving it along your smile as it performs most of the actual work for you. The result? It’s very easy on your muscles, joints, etc.

It May Remove More Plaque

Of course, the results of using any type of dental hygiene product rely on heavily on the way you use them. In some instances, you may be quite amazing with a manual toothbrush and able to get your smile squeaky clean. However, for those that have trouble with thorough plaque removal or just want it to feel easier, an electric toothbrush may work wonders. It creates a significant amount of additional strokes per second and per minute when compared with the strokes you create with a manual brush. So, it’s worth trying!

It’s A Gentle Way To Brush!

Patients with a strong approach to brushing who are worried about the gum recession that can come with aggressive care (not to mention enamel erosion) will be pleased to learn that adding an electric toothbrush to the dental hygiene experience is actually very beneficial. It’s easy to use (and easy to use in a gentle way)! The result? You get a clean smile, while your gums and teeth remain nice and safe.

Ask Us For Dental Hygiene Advice

Remember to speak up and let us know if you have any questions about dental hygiene, from how to do it correctly to which products to select, so you can feel confident in the effort you put forth. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.