5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Soda

If you absolutely adore soda, then you probably aren’t too interested in hearing us walk you through a long list in regard to reasons to stop drinking it. However, if you’re also more than happy to walk around sporting a beautiful and healthy smile, then the details our Austin, TX team offers are probably something you should begin taking seriously as soon as possible. Remember, our goal is always to promote excellent oral health, so you enjoy long-term success with your grin!

#1: It Contributes To Smile Stains

Don’t forget that there are multiple ways sodas can contribute to smile stains! First, of course, if you’re drinking very pigmented sodas, like bright red or orange soda, cola, etc., then this can cause discoloration. Next, remember that acidic drinks tend to wear down your enamel, thereby leaving it more susceptible to stains (even if you’re drinking clear soda).

#2: It’s Acidic (Even Diet!)

As mentioned, you are going to want to stop drinking sodas because they are so acidic! As in, extremely acidic. Yep. even the diet stuff. Remember that when you’re introducing acids into your mouth, they are going to soften your dental tissue (the outer layer, called enamel), which over time can result in erosion or the wearing down of your tissues. Eventually, this paves the way for oral health concerns due to weakened teeth.

#3: The Sugary Stuff Is A Double Whammy

Add sugar into the mix with something that is already acidic and you are on a steep and quick pathway toward cavity development!

#4: It Means Extra Smile Cleansing

When you want to drink soda but you also want to protect your oral health, it’s going to mean you have to do some extra smile cleansing. Why not just skip the soda and make your life easier?

#5: Water Is Always Better

Let’s say you decide to swap out water for that soda you’ve been drinking. It’s going to do a world of good because it is better for you in every way. Remember that when you drink water, you rinse your smile and you help neutralize your oral environment. It won’t stain your teeth or lead to any problems. Instead, it benefits your oral health. Oh, and it hydrates you (which soda does not do), which is better for your overall health and smile health, too! Remember, without enough water in your system, you may end up with dry mouth and a host of related issues like cavities!

Say Goodbye To Soda For Improved Smile Health

If you drink a lot of soda, our team suggests you cut back or cut it out entirely. Ready to learn more about how to protect your oral health through best daily practices? Come on in for a dental visit with us! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.