How To Get Started With Achieving Common Smile Goals

Now that we’re into a fresh new set of 12 months, we ask you: What are your smile goals for 2019? If you are like many of our patients, then your response may fall into one of a smattering of very common categories. Though you might feel very excited about following through with your ideas and coming out at the end of the year with a healthy and gorgeous grin that you’ve been planning on achieving, there may be one thing in your way: Figuring out how to get started with dental care! Of course, this can be a stumbling block but once you’ve begun, it’s generally smooth sailing until you get where you’re going!

When You Want A Better Looking Smile

If you decide that your main goal for the year is a smile that looks a lot better, getting started is very easy. First, you need to remind yourself that venturing into the world of cosmetic dental care is only something you can do when your smile is healthy. With that said, you have two choices: If you’re behind on smile care, set up a visit to ensure your smile is healthy or to fix existing issues. Otherwise, schedule your cosmetic consultation with us!

When You Want A Smile That’s Healthy Again

We offer comprehensive restorative care! This means getting started requires a dental checkup, during which we can examine your smile and provide you with a comprehensive plan to revive your oral health!

When You Just Want To Get Better At Smile Care

Maybe you’re okay at caring for your smile and when you see us, your smile is usually healthy, aside from the occasional issue. However, maybe you feel scattered with your care, you aren’t completely confident in the prevention you practice at home, and you wish you felt more organized and certain of your efforts and calendar. This is very easy for us to help you with. When you just want to streamline your care, we invite you to let us know you’d like some advice during your next dental visit. Until then, you need the following:

  • A calendar or day planner that you utilize for setting up and tracking visits
  • A shopping list that you keep with you, so you remain on top of maintaining a fully stocked bathroom (and a new toothbrush every three to four months)
  • Daily goals for brushing and flossing around the same times every day
  • A means of timing brushing sessions, so you are sure they are lasting two minutes apiece

Address Any And All Smile Concerns With Us

When you are ready to put in the work to reach your smile goals for the year, don’t forget that our team is standing by to take your call, to set up visits, and to guide your smile toward the finish line. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.