Veneers: The Extremely Simple Reasons To Get Excited!

When you begin looking into cosmetic treatments for your smile, you may hesitate when you discover the treatment we call porcelain veneers. Do the results that they offer sound good? Of course they do! When you see what someone’s smile with veneers looks like, it seems too good to be true. As a result, you may assume that choosing them for yourself must have some sort of catch, be extremely complicated, and the list goes on. Amazingly enough, most of the things you learn about them will be that deciding on them is quite simple across the board. Ready to focus on some of these very simple reasons you can get excited? Follow our Austin, TX team through some examples!

They Look Amazing (And Natural)

First, realize that you can relax about the way your porcelain veneers will look. They going to look amazing! Sounds simple, right? While you may love hearing this, there may be part of your brain that thinks, sure they might look amazing but will they actually allow my smile to still look like my smile? Or, is it going to look like I have beautiful but artificial teeth? We accomplish a natural finish, thanks to the way veneers are made. They’re translucent, which means you can see through them a little bit (this is the same as your natural teeth!). Take a closer look in the mirror and you will notice that you can see different layers to your teeth. In addition, the porcelain used is light-reflective, so your smile will have a very similar shine and your smile will just look like a much prettier smile, thank to this cosmetic treatment.

They’re Not Complicated To Receive

So, you assume the catch must be that it’s going to take visit after visit to get your porcelain veneers complete, right? Nope. You’ll probably see us two or three time! You’ll need to come in for us to discuss your plan and to take impressions. Then, you’ll come in for a fitting. You may or may not come in for one additional visit for a final placement! It’s that simple to achieve a complete smile transformation.

You Can Completely Customize Them

Did we mention the fact that you choose the color, the shape, the length, the width, etc., of your porcelain veneers? Yep. Simple but true: You have creative control over your smile’s outcome!

Enjoy The Amazing Benefits Of Veneers

Come in for the placement of porcelain veneers to completely make over your smile! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.