Q&A: Care For Your Cavities In 2019

Have you been told by our friendly Austin, TX team that you have a cavity (or two or three)? If so, we want to be sure you realize treating them just as soon as you possibly can is always to your benefit. Why can’t you just wait, you wonder? Why don’t your teeth hurt if you need dental fillings, you ask? We can easily answer these questions and more, so you enjoy a new year that’s full of good oral health, a comfortable smile, and a greatly decreased risk of additional smile-related problems. Let’s go!

Questions and Answers

Question: Why can’t I wait a while on treating my cavities? I know that tooth decay isn’t good but is it really that important I come in for dental fillings immediately? For all I know, the cavities have already been there for a long time!

Answer: If you wait too long on treating your cavities (as in, you do not schedule a filling as soon as you can), then you are likely looking at a problem that becomes a bigger problem. Then, additional problems may develop. For example, let’s say you start with a small cavity. When you wait, you may end up with a big cavity, which permits the development of a tooth infection and/or a broken tooth. Stick with getting a filling ASAP!

Question: Why don’t my teeth hurt if I have cavities? I thought that tooth decay was always accompanied by some sort of uncomfortable symptoms!

Answer: Your teeth may not hurt yet (or you may not have any other symptoms) yet. This is because your decay is new and has not progressed. Once it becomes more advanced, symptoms will begin to show up. You want to treat the problem before symptoms, if possible.

Question: If I already have cavities and need treatment for them in 2019, do I still need to come in for my dental visits for cleanings and checkups? Aren’t they pointless if tooth decay is already affecting me?

Answer: No, they are not pointless. Yes, you need to still schedule cleanings and checkups. Once we fill the cavities, your smile will be healthy again. Continued prevention both before and after dental fillings protects you from additional problems, such as more cavity development and gingivitis.

Protect Your Oral Health In 2019 By Treating Cavities

If you have cavities that require care, come in for dental fillings just as soon as you can to protect your smile. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.