Your Tooth Pain: What Might It Mean?

While you are probably hoping for just a couple answers to what your tooth pain means, so you can diagnose yourself at home and go along on your merry way, we aren’t going to be able to give you your wish at the moment. Our Austin, TX team can, however, provide you with some very valuable information, so you better understand what you should do when your tooth hurts, what it might mean, and how to follow through to find out what it actually does mean, so you can protect your oral health!

It Could Be Time For Restorative Care

You might have tooth pain as a sign that your tooth needs restorative care. When something hurts in your smile, it is time to come in for a checkup. The reason you cannot just figure it out on your own and ignore the situation? It could be one of many things and neglecting to treat one of them can lead to incredible damage. So, whether you need a cavity filled, a root canal for an infection, help with a crack, etc., it’s best to come learn more, so you can get back to good smile health soon.

It Could Be Time For Different Toothpaste

You might just need new toothpaste. Any kind, you ask? No, we mean that in some cases, what you’re thinking of as tooth pain or a toothache is actually the result of sensitivity. For some, this happens and is not a sign of an additional issue. However, it can be quite uncomfortable. Of course, we want you to come in to talk with us when pain occurs. In this case, we will likely suggest you switch to toothpaste for sensitivity (and may have you use a protective mouthwash, as well!).

You May Have Irritated Your Tooth

You might have just plain old irritated your tooth. How do you do this, you wonder? Maybe you had a particularly stressful afternoon, clenched your teeth (just this once), and you ended up with aggravated nerves. Maybe you knocked your tooth on a coffee cup and forget all about it. Sometimes, nothing is wrong. However, it is best to come in for a dental visit, so we can be sure that your tooth pain isn’t a sign of an underlying concern requiring treatment! Make sure to visit us.

Meet With Us For Help With Your Tooth Pain

Set up an appointment with our team as soon as you can when tooth pain hits, so you can get out of pain and protect your oral health quickly! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.