Watch Out! 3 Ways You’re Accidentally Spreading Germs

We are just about into cold and flu season, which means the last thing you want to do is spread germs to anyone else (or to end up having someone spread them to you!). However, aside from the obvious of using a tissue, covering your mouth when you cough, and not sharing drinks, you may be at a loss for further tips. Good news: Our Austin, TX team is here to come through for you! We’ve got some tips that just happen to be related to your smile care and dental hygiene that will save the day.

Your Toothbrush Is Touching Someone Else’s

Take a hint from our team when it comes to maintaining preventive care that’s safe and effective now, throughout cold and flu season, and long after that: Keep your toothbrush away from the other brushes in your house. Don’t even keep them in the same cup or holder. If your spouse has the flu, this is one very simple way to swap germs when you’re just trying to keep up with your dental hygiene.

Your Hands Aren’t Clean

Are your hands clean? If they are carrying germs, which could potentially include a virus like the flu, then your dental hygiene routine, eating, and more can prove to be the moment you get the flu! Start relying on hand sanitizer, as well as good old soap and water, for exceptional hygiene that keeps you healthy.

You Have A Mouth-Touching Habit

In addition to the fact that some mouth-touching habits can lead to a requirement for restorative care (did you know you can actually end up damaging your teeth if you’re a nail biter?), there are some other things to worry about: Your oral health and your general health! When you touch your mouth and you have germs on your hands, that’s instant germ transferring! While you might not think much about it, we ask you: Do you tend to tap on your teeth, while you’re thinking? Touch your lips as you concentrate? Nibble on your nails? Whatever the case, add “keep fingers away from mouth” to your general preventive care requirements! It’s worth it.

Prevent Germ Spreading With Our Dental Tips

Keep your mouth safe and your whole body safe when you gain a few tips from our team about how to prevent the spreading of germs. Need more help? Simply call! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.