Smile Care: 2 Things You Should Never Tell Yourself!

When you want to do something that you know doesn’t adhere to the basic principles of keeping your oral health safe, you find yourself at a crossroads. On one hand, you can do exactly as you know you should and, as a result, you’ll have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, you quickly scramble, reaching for ways to rationalize behavior that could potentially leave your smile in less wonderful shape. Which to choose? If you let your brain take over for too long, some very convincing (though certainly not accurate) ideas may pop up! Let our Austin, TX team alert you to some common ones, so you’re ready to make the right choice and stay the course!

#1: “Just This One Time”

If you’re like just about everyone else in the world, you’ve been faced with that moment when you say to yourself, “Just this one time!” After all, our minds believe that mathematically speaking, over the course of our entire lives, one slip up cannot possibly harm us! However, this isn’t true, particularly when it comes to your oral health. Think of some “just this one time” moments in which you can end up with damage anyway:

  • You decide you’ll eat something too hard just this one time and you crack your tooth
  • You decide to skip out on your brushing and flossing session for just one night and it ends up causing tartar to form, which sends you to our practice for a cavity
  • You decide you avoid your checkup and cleaning just once but you miss out on the diagnosis of an infection, which leads to the need for an extraction, when you could have simply received a root canal treatment

#2: “My Smile Won’t Know”

It’s true, your smile does not have a consciousness and, as a result, is not “aware” of what you’re doing. However, remember that this doesn’t mean your actions don’t impact your oral health. No matter what, for instance, the bacteria present in your mouth will know that you’ve eaten sugar, they’ll eat what gets stuck to your teeth, and you may pay the price! Remember to always follow our oral health care suggestions to promote a healthy smile.

Err On The Side Of Caution To Keep Your Smile Safe

When you’re looking for help with your smile, simply remember that as long as you take steps to protect it (such as cleanings, checkups, and home care), you’ll enjoy the benefit of optimal oral health! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.