Everything Tastes So Strange: Do You Know Why?

Sometimes, you will notice that the food you’re eating tastes very strange, only to remember that you just brushed your teeth, which explains it. Or, maybe you took a very hot sip of coffee earlier in the day, so your taste buds are a bit singed at the moment and everything tastes not-so-flavorful. Then, of course, there are other instances in which there’s no real explanation but with every bite, you notice your flavor-sensors aren’t doing their usual thing. What might be going on with your smile health, you ask? Our Austin, TX has some very good guesses (and suggest you see us soon for further care).

When You’re Expecting, Expect Flavor Changes

Our team wants you to remember that if you’re expecting, your hormones are shifting and you’re experiencing lots of new things. One of those details, which you may not find so pleasant, is the fact that everything might suddenly provide you with a new flavor experience. Some of it may be okay. However, you may find that other foods are repulsive the second they enter your mouth! You may also get the sensation that there’s a metal taste in your mouth that simply lingers. We reassure you that this is likely not connected to your actual smile health. However, don’t forget that pregnancy brings a greater risk of things like gingivitis with it, so it’s a smart idea to schedule a visit anyway!

Dry Mouth And Medication Side Effects May Do It

If you never read the side effects on the medication you take because it can be a little frightening, you may have to change your approach. You will find on many, many medications that they can cause dry mouth. This can make foods taste unlike what you expect. Dry mouth is also common from dehydration and other concerns. So, before you worry something is wrong with your body and that you’re not creating enough saliva, first head to the medicine cabinet or ask yourself if you’ve been getting enough water.

When Your Mouth Isn’t Healthy, Flavors Can Change

Have a toothache? Does your mouth taste funny all the time? Do your gums look puffy? If something is going on with your smile health, from gingivitis to an infection, it can taste unpleasant. It can also cause your meals to be less than desirable. See our team for restorative care soon, so you can get back to mealtime as usual!

Get Your Taste Buds Back In Order With Our Help

See us for a checkup if you think that the shift in your ability to taste foods is something requiring our care! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.