Those Sweet, Adorable Baby Teeth: Important Things To Note

Your child’s smile is cute! It’s adorable. Those teeth are so little and sweet! While new teeth and new life are always quite precious, it often comes to our attention that parents frequently think with equal certainty some not-so-accurate things about baby teeth! Some individuals assume they don’t really need any type of dental care. Others worry a lot about when those teeth should be coming in. Our Austin, TX team would love to help you out with this children’s dental care topic, so you’ve got a positive and clear outlook that will help protect your family’s oral health.

Make Note: They Need Care!

Have you ever figured that your child’s baby teeth don’t need care because they’re not teeth that will hang around for long? Instead, since they will start falling out around the time your child is around the age of six or so, you assume that serious dental care is something you can likely postpone until this time, when permanent teeth arrive and need care because they’ll stick around forever? We cannot stress this enough: Those baby teeth need serious care from day one! Why is that, you wonder? To begin, though they fall out, they actually do a lot while they’re around. Think through the following reminders from our team:

  • The teeth give your children the proper oral structure to learn to speak and develop correct speech patterns and habits
  • They give your child the smile they need to eat a varied diet
  • You can think of them as little guides that set the stage for permanent teeth; if these first teeth are unhealthy, those that follow will be unhealthy, too!

Make Note: Kids’ Teeth Show Up At Different Times

We know that when your neighbor’s daughter who was born on the same night that your daughter was born develops a tooth, you expect your child to develop a tooth, too. When your neighbor’s daughter’s tooth becomes loose, you figure your daughter’s tooth should be loose, too! Remember, children’s teeth develop at different paces. If you think your child’s baby teeth are way past due or have other questions, always feel free to call us! However, remember that we can easily monitor growth and development during twice-annual checkups, so you don’t have to stress!

See Us For Help Protecting Baby Teeth

Remember to come in for cleanings and checkups for your child’s baby teeth and permanent teeth, so you can ensure your child maintains wonderful oral health. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.