Things To Remember About Checkups That Make You Smile

How are you doing with keeping your dental checkups scheduled two times every year with our Austin, TX dental practice? If you’re shaking your head and shrugging because the answer is not so great, you might just need some helpful motivation. We know, there are lots of things going on in your life and lots of things to do! However, remember that prevention is absolutely key when you want a healthy smile! Ready for a quick infusion of inspiration that really can change your outlook? Let’s go!

They Can Save You Money

If you’re spending money to see us, then you may not really understand how a dental checkup can save you money. We’d like to remind you that prevention can actually help save you quite a lot over the course of a year and particularly over your lifetime! Keep in mind that effective professional prevention as we recommend it requires two visits a year. When you keep up with them (and you receive the cleanings that go along with them), you are headed toward a smile that remains healthy. That means you’re not putting your hand in your pocket to pay for fillings, crowns, root canals, help with your gum health, or even cosmetic care! You’re just considering prevention, which is always the most cost-effective, budget-friendly approach to smile care.

They Require So Little Time

We know that when you’re thinking about your day and you have a dental checkup in the middle of it, it can seem disruptive. You don’t necessarily feel super excited about a checkup and cleaning but you’re happy to follow through with it. The thing that deters many patients is that it seems so time consuming in these moments. However, our team loves to remind you that it isn’t! Think through the actual details: You’re not going to be in our office for a very long time for preventive care, so already, it’s a short visit. We only ask you to see us two times a year, so that’s just one time over every six-month period. Remember, too, that two days out of the 365-day calendar is nothing. If we really boil it down, think about this: Let’s say you spend a total of three hours with us for prevention every year. A full year includes 8,760 hours. As a result, you’re spending only .03% of your year with us. See? Hardly any time at all (but very worthwhile).

Schedule Checkups For Easy Smile Protection

Remember that when you’re keeping up with the checkups we suggest you schedule with our team, you’re keeping your smile healthy. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.