Dentures, Partials, ClearCorrect: What Do They Have In Common?

When we start listing off items that don’t really seem like they have a lot in common, such as dentures, partials, and ClearCorrect treatment … but we want to know what you think makes them similar … you may find yourself scratching your head in wonder. You’re not sure, you admit! Well. Let’s give you a quick hint: They are all removable smile treatments! Wonderful. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, our Austin, TX team thinks you should really dig a bit deeper with us as we examine how you can best keep these items safe and effective for the long-term benefit of your smile.

You Can Accidentally Forget To Wear Them

Something all of these treatments have in common is the fact that, since they are removable, you can accidentally forget to wear them. Is this really a problem, you wonder? The answer is yes! It’s a problem for those wearing ClearCorrect treatment because if you’re not getting enough hour of wear in, you’re sabotaging your progress! If you’re wearing a prosthetic like a denture or partial and you leave it at home, this can compromise your appearance and your function. Do yourself a favor: Try to get into the habit of cleaning and placing your device at the same time every day (or, write yourself reminder notes!).

They’re Something You Can Damage (Or Protect!)

Create a game plan for any type of device or treatment you wear when you need to take it out of your mouth. This might be to eat, to sleep, for dental hygiene, etc. When you keep the treatment stored in a safe case (in a place that’s memorable and safe), you’re in good shape.

They Need To Be Cleaned

Yes, our team understands. Sometimes you’re in a rush. Sometimes, you’re very tired and you just want to go to sleep. However, we remind you that when you’re wearing a denture, a partial, ClearCorrect treatment, or anything else that’s removable and requires consistent cleaning to protect your oral health (and the device itself), you’ve just got to do it! If you’re fuzzy on the details regarding how to best care for your device, please let us know. Aside from that, simply make a decision to carve out time for dental hygiene every morning and night and remember to complete a thorough session!

Keep Your Smile Treatments Safe With Our Help!

Don’t forget to ask questions about how to best protect your smile treatments if you have questions or need a bit of motivation. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.