3 Ways You Make Flossing Less Successful

Of course, you want your dental hygiene to be as successful as possible. While you may have some good ideas about what can make it effective, you may be missing some information. Let’s flip things around a bit and talk more about what can make it less successful! As a result, you can keep these details in mind as you practice your dental care and ensure you’re avoiding them in order to protect the health of your teeth and gums! Remember, if you require any type of additional help, our Austin, TX team is always here for you.

#1: Stop Snapping Or Popping It Between Teeth

You may feel some level of satisfaction at popping or snapping your dental floss between your teeth. However, when you pop the floss into place this way during dental hygiene, you run the risk of damaging your delicate gum tissue. Rather than using so much force, our team suggests you carefully wiggle or slip it into place! That way, you’re only providing your oral health with benefits, not drawbacks.

#2: Stop Favoring Certain Areas

If you’re spending an awful lot of time making sure to thoroughly floss certain areas (like those that you can see, for instance) because you want them to look nice but you are neglecting other parts of your smile, you’re doing yourself quite a disservice. Don’t forget that thorough dental hygiene is suggested so you can safeguard your entire smile against cavities and periodontal problems!

#3: Stop Rushing!

You might think that the key to finishing a complete dental hygiene session is to do it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. When you rush, you overlook plaque and debris. Remember that when you brush, you need to do so for two minutes. When it comes to flossing, simply focus on the task: Make sure you are cleaning between all teeth and that you’re not going quickly. Reach to the teeth in the very back of your smile and carefully floss behind them, as well. Take your time and you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that you completed a job well done.

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