3 Reasons You’re Not Coming In For Your Visits (But Should!)

Our Austin, TX team knows that while you may have a completely thorough understanding of how important it is to come in for your dental visits, you might not be doing so. If you feel like the only person who stays away from visits to the dentist, remember: This is a very common problem! Fortunately, since we are quite accustomed to the feelings, thoughts, and worries patients have in regard to setting up their care, it makes it much easier for us to point out possible areas of hesitancy and help you get over them. Then, of course, you’ll feel confident and relaxed about coming in to protect your smile!

Reason #1: You Think It Will Be Uncomfortable

You may assume that dental care is going to be uncomfortable no matter what. In many cases, this occurs within patients’ minds either due to trauma with dental care during childhood or just negative experiences at other practices. Our team reminds you that we are here to help and convince you that dental care is wonderful! We utilize advanced technology and gentle techniques to promote convenient and super comfy experiences.

Reason #2: You Have So Many Questions

You may feel like you have so many questions that you don’t know where to begin. You want to ask about insurance and financial details. You also have questions about your smile and what you need. So, when you go to pick up the phone, you’re not sure how to get started. Just call us! Ask your initial questions over the phone, set up a dental visit, and then remember that we will explain everything regarding your oral health when we see you.

Reason #3: You’re Embarrassed

Maybe your teeth are discolored. Maybe you are missing a tooth and instead of coming in right away to deal with it, you’ve just ignored the problem for a long time. Perhaps you haven’t kept up with preventive care and you know that you probably need restorative work done. Don’t let this deter you from scheduling your dental visit. Remember, our practice is where you’re supposed to come whether you are seeing us for prevention or for help with other issues! We’ll be happy to get you back on track.

Feel Good About Scheduling Visits With Us

Talk with us about any of your concerns, so you can feel wonderful about smile care and coming in for the routine prevention you need! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.