Gingivitis: The Questions You’re Embarrassed To Bring Up

You might want to ask us about gingivitis when you see us at our Austin, TX practice. However, even though you want to learn more, there may be some things you feel a little embarrassed to ask. Perhaps you think you should already know the answers or that your inquiry sounds silly. Remember, we value each and every one of your questions! When you learn more, you know more, and knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your smile health and, more specifically in this case, your gum health.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why can’t I just tell on my own if I have gingivitis or if my smile is perfectly healthy? Do I really need to come in for checkups when everything feels fine?

Answer: You really do need to come in even if everything feels fine and looks fine. Why is this? When it comes to any sort of problem, from gum disease to decay and more, you won’t always know it’s begun. When we catch it this early, treatment is easier. When we see it only once you have noticed it, we’re often at a much more advanced place with the disease, which requires more intensive and costly care.

Question: Can’t I just brush more and use some sort of over-the-counter mouthwash if you discover that I have gingivitis? Why do I need some type of professional treatment if my gums are just a little inflamed?

Answer: You can’t! While it just looks like some mild inflammation, you’ve got tartar buildup under your gumline. You can remove plaque and you can care for your smile and you should continue brushing and flossing. However, the only way to remove tartar (which is promoting the continuation of your gum health problem) is with professional care.

Question: I have heard that if I don’t do anything about my gingivitis, it’s going to lead to some really severe problems that I won’t ever be able to do anything about. Is this really true?

Answer: In the beginning the problem will seem mild. However, when it’s completely untreated, it gets worse and worse and affects more and more of your tissue. First, it’s just your gums. Then it affects your ligaments, your jawbone, your teeth, and you end up with serious widespread damage.

Learn About Gingivitis And Protecting Your Smile During A Visit

When you’re seeing our team for checkups and cleanings, you will quickly learn all you need to know about protecting your teeth and your gums, too! Don’t forget to ask us questions if you have them. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.