Common Questions About Receiving A Filling

When it’s time to receive a dental filling because you’ve developed some tooth decay, your brain might find itself heading toward overload! Yes, you want to be a responsible patient who takes care of oral health problems. Of course, you know that lots of people get fillings and that we perform them all the time. You even know that they’re quick, that they’re not going to cause discomfort, and that it’s “no big deal.” However, due to the details you don’t yet know right off the bat, this can still feel like an ordeal you’re not excited to approach. We can fix this for you! Try out our Q&A session, let us know what else you’re curious about, and you will quickly feel relaxed and calm about this very easy solution to your cavity in Austin, TX.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it just as important to come in for a small cavity as it is for serious decay when you diagnose me with tooth decay? Can’t I just give a smaller cavity some time before I come in to treat it?

Answer: It’s just as important. We know that you think a small cavity means you have lots of time. However, it doesn’t mean that at all. The problem can grow quickly. Even a small area of decay can also leave your tooth quite susceptible to additional concerns (bacteria may make their way in there!).

Question: How do I know which type of dental filling I need? I know that you offer metal amalgam, tooth-colored composite resin, and dental porcelain/ceramic. However, I’m not sure what to make of these options.

Answer: Remember that we are here to provide you with lots of helpful information, guidance, and answers. This is not something you have to just figure out on your own by reading up on your options. We will talk with you about the pros and cons of the different materials we offer, which one functions best in which locations, which are a better solution if your affected tooth is visible, etc. From there, we can come to a final decision together that you feel confident in.

Question: Aside from making my tooth look and feel better, will a dental filling actually do something for my tooth that makes it something I need to come in for with such urgency?

Answer: Yes, it will help you avoid infection as mentioned previously. It will help you avoid ending up with a cracked tooth, too.

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