Chewing Pain: What Should I Think About This?

Generally speaking, when you’re experiencing chewing pain, something associated with your oral health requires attention. Is it possible that you will require a restorative treatment? Of course. It is an absolutely certain thing? Nope! As you may have just realized, figuring out why this type of discomfort is present, what to do about it, and what’s going on aren’t things you can sort out all on your own from the comfort of your own bathroom. Instead, it’s time to let us know you’re experiencing a change and to come in for care with our Austin, TX team. Let’s run down some helpful information that will quickly guide you toward a fix for your problem.

See Our Team Right Away

You’re going to want to see our team right away if you end up with chewing pain. We don’t say this because we think you’re dealing with an emergency situation. Instead, we’re mentioning this because there’s really no way to simply know what’s going on unless we examine your smile. Yes, you could have something very severe going on that needs immediate attention. Or, it could be something very minor that doesn’t require restorative care. In any case, come in for a checkup soon.

It Might Be Physical Damage

Physical damage exposes your nerves in many cases. This might happen if you have a cavity. It could happen if you have a cracked tooth. This means that your nerves become aggravated and, when you bite down, chewing pain occurs. You should see us soon, so we may fix the problem with restorative care, while stopping anything more serious from happening (like an infection).

It Could Be A Gum Issue

You might be dealing with issues associated with your gum health. It might seem like your chewing pain is coming directly from your tooth but it’s important to remember that differentiating between each part of your smile is often difficult. Gingivitis or periodontal disease can be quite uncomfortable. Seeing us for care immediately is to your advantage.

You May Just Be Irritated!

You might have irritated your tooth. Or, we might determine that you’re dealing with bruxism. Figuring out the source and offering suggestions or any necessary preventive care will resolve the discomfort.

Fix Chewing Discomfort By Seeing Our Team

Come in to see us soon, so we may discuss your chewing discomfort, examine your smile, and determine a solution! Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.