Your Sensitive Smile: What Gives?

If you’ve never dealt with a sensitive smile before, then you are about to find out that there is most certainly not just one potential factor that’s making your teeth feel funny. While the sensations may be frustrating, painful, a bit strange, consistent, or sporadic, they are certainly something you would like to get rid of. To begin, remember to set up a visit to see our team, so we may get to the bottom of this problem. Until then, get a head start on learning about possible reasons you’re having this experience.

You’re Heavy Handed With Care

When you’re heavy on the brushing and flossing (and we mean you use force behind your motions, rather than focusing on delicate care), you may be guiding teeth toward discomfort. When you’re anything but careful with the pressure you use with brushing, flossing, etc., you can harm enamel, aggravate soft tissues (your gums), and end up with a sensitive smile.

You’ve Got Acid Erosion

Any type of acid that enters your mouth can strip the enamel (over time) from your teeth. Or, if you eat things like sugar that create an acid environment, this may contribute, as well. Do you eat a lot of sugary things or acidic drinks like juice or soda? Are you mindful about rinsing with water after you consume them? Do you keep up with dental hygiene? Too much acid can lead to a sensitive smile. When you see us, we can help.

A Hygiene-Related Problem Has Developed

You may assume that you’ve just got a bit of sensitivity going on but what you might be feeling is a sensation telling you that something like a cavity is underway. Act quickly, so we may fix the issue before it causes significant damage and before sensitivity turns into pain.

Address Sensitive Teeth With An Appointment

While making some changes at home can prevent further aggravation, it is always best to see us about sensitivity for clarity and any required care. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.