Fight Stubborn Stains With Professional Whitening Care

Professional whitening treatments have helped many patients who worried that nothing could be done about stubborn enamel stains. When debris gathers on your teeth, you can see changes take effect with the color of your smile. Unfortunately, those stains can eventually settle below the surface, making it difficult to remove them through the use of over the counter whitening products, or a toothpaste that claims to have an extra whitening effect. When you use a professional whitening treatment provided by your Austin, TX dentist, you can see to it that those stains are effectively addressed. It should be noted that if you have issues with discoloration that are not connected to enamel stains, there are different cosmetic treatments that can be suited to your smile needs. 

Use A Professional Whitening Treatment To Make Significant Improvements

Your dentist will send you home with a whitening kit that includes special, custom-made trays, and potent bleaching agents. The trays help make sure you evenly apply whitening agents across your teeth. As you follow the directions, and administer these treatments, you can see terrific changes taking place. Patients can look forward to showing off teeth that are brighter by as many as eight to ten shades!

Exploring Your Cosmetic Treatment Options

What kind of cosmetic work can your dentist provide? Will you be able to find a treatment that fully satisfies your desire to improve the way you look? The different procedures available to you can target many different concerns that patients will want addressed. With porcelain veneers, it becomes possible to make changes to many different problems, and essentially transform your smile. You also have the ability to target flawed teeth, and take care of issues through dental bonding and contouring.

Austin General Dentistry Can Offer Great Results Through Professional Whitening Care

At Austin General Dentistry, our practice is proud to deliver excellent cosmetic care to patients who want to see real smile improvements. If you want to learn more about what we can help you change, or if you are ready to start treatment, let us know! To schedule a consultation, please call Austin General Dentistry in Austin, TX, at 512-346-5540.