Teeth Whitening: Now What Do I Do?

So, you have received teeth whitening and you cannot believe how lovely your smile looks. The stains are gone, your smile is much brighter than you thought possible, and you love showing it off. While the worries about hiding discoloration are gone, new worries may have cropped up: Now what do you do, you ask yourself? You want your smile to stay like this, which makes you feel like you cannot do anything at all without potentially sacrificing your newfound happiness. Not to worry. Maintaining your smile is something you can do with ease.

First, Watch Those Staining Foods

Watch what you eat. You don’t have to cut out foods that are likely to stain altogether. However, if you eat a lot of them and you aren’t thoughtful about rinsing your smile after, then you may end up accumulating new stains much more quickly than you might have assumed possible. Either limit such foods or maintain a habit of drinking water with them and then brushing later.

Next, Remember That Care Is All It Takes

Brush in the morning. Brush in the evening. Floss once daily. See our team for dental cleanings. These are the mainstays of keeping the results of your recent teeth whitening looking bright!

Finally, Don’t Forget: You Can Whiten Again

Let’s say that several years down the line, your smile is still white and quite lovely looking but it’s missing that oh-so-brilliant vibrancy you enjoyed when you first received your teeth whitening. Don’t worry, this is not one of those treatments you can only receive once in your lifetime. If you determine in the future that it’s time to whiten your teeth again, this is always an option (as are other cosmetic treatments that can help you attain the same goal).

Learn All About Teeth Whitening With Us

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