4 Important Details About Oral Cancer

Along your journey to maintain a healthy smile is a detail that you might not enjoy thinking about. It’s called oral cancer. We know that it’s not a favorite topic but, particularly since it may be something you prefer to avoid, you may not feel you know everything you need to know in order to ensure you’re keeping your smile as safe as you can. For a helpful refresh regarding essential details, we offer up four particulars to keep in mind at all times.

#1: All You Have To Do Is Schedule A Checkup For Screenings

You don’t have to make any special trips to see us or remind us. When you see our team for your dental checkup, this will include an oral cancer screening. So, as long as you’re coming in for preventive care, you’ll be receiving screenings.

#2: When Anything Changes, It’s Time To Call Us

If you notice any type of change, whether it’s something you see, something you feel, etc., it’s time to call us. It’s possible that it is nothing that will require serious care. However, every change is worth investigating!

#3: You Might Not Notice A Change (See #1)

Refer to the fact that we provide you with oral cancer screenings every six months. This is because when oral cancer develops, its first stage is often something that you will not be able to detect. So, don’t expect an immediate symptom as an alert. Instead, keep up with checkups, so we can notice changes for you.

#4: It’s Treatable (And Easiest To Treat Early)

Oral cancer isn’t a disease to ignore and pretend doesn’t exist. When it’s discovered early, treatment success rates are much greater. Remember, screenings are easy and comfortable, so schedule your checkup today!

See Us For Checkups And Oral Cancer Screenings

Remember that we monitor your complete oral health during checkups, which means all it takes is coming in for a visit every six months. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.