Thanksgiving Beverages: Myth Or Fact?

As Thanksgiving rushes toward us, promising all sorts of splendor as we dig into the comforting, heart-warming foods we look forward to throughout the year, there may be something on your mind: What’s the truth regarding the beverage choices you make during this celebratory meal? Can you make choices that are good for your oral health (or bad) all depending on what you fill your glass with? We’d love to help you begin sorting myth from fact, so your festivities are full of fun.

Myth Or Fact?

  1. Myth or Fact: If you’re going to drink wine at a holiday event, it’s best to reach for white instead of red. That way, you won’t harm your teeth or end up with stains.
  2. Myth or Fact: Cranberry juice has been studied and may help you avoid tooth decay because it can prevent plaque from forming and bacteria from sticking to teeth. As a result, cranberry sauce can benefit your teeth.
  3. Myth or Fact: Drinking water throughout your holiday meal is the best choice you can make. It’s a wonderful way to keep your smile rinsed clean of sugars, pigments, and other food particles that can encourage discoloration and oral health problems.


  1. Myth. Both red and white wine can contribute to oral health problems, as well as stains. Remember that all wine is acidic, which means it can damage your enamel. Damaged enamel is more likely to develop discoloration, which means either type of wine can lead teeth toward yellowing.
  2. Myth. Pure cranberry juice may, in fact, deter decay. However, it’s acidic and, unless you’re drinking pure juice, you’re likely not reaping the benefits. Remember that cranberry cocktail and cranberry sauce are full of sugars that cause decay (and pigments that cause stains).
  3. Fact. It’s absolutely in your best interest to drink water throughout your meal, after dessert, and then some!

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