Fluoride: For Grown-Ups And Kids

From our side of things (which is in the world of professional dental care), we think that you should have wonderful feelings toward fluoride! When you use it in your toothpaste, for instance, it helps you maintain a healthy smile. If you don’t really know much about it other than the fact that we suggest it, then you may have some trouble knowing what to think and why it’s so significant. Not to worry! We can explain.

For Yourself

When you’re considering fluoride for yourself, consider the fact that even though your teeth are fully developed, you will continue to benefit from fluoridated toothpaste for the rest of your life. Why is this the case? It’s because this mineral is helpful from the time you’re a child and forevermore due to the composition of your teeth. Your enamel, the layer that you can see that protects your remaining dental layers, is mostly minerals. You lose some as decay begins and then you end up with cavities if it continues. Fluoride deposits minerals consistently to keep this from happening. It also helps to fix the earliest softening of your enamel. In short: It helps stop decay.

For Your Kids

Your kids’ teeth are still growing. They’re also being exposed to bacteria and acid every day as they drink juice, eat carbs and sugars, etc. The result? Decay is just around the corner if their dental care isn’t spot-on. Fluoride, as mentioned, helps prevent this, so teeth can grow into full, healthy, beautiful structures that haven’t been damaged by cavities.

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