ClearCorrect: Steer Clear Of 3 Basic Blunders

When you head home with your first set of ClearCorrect treatment clear aligner trays, the future looks mighty bright! You know that as you make your way through the process of aligning your teeth, you’re offering yourself a wealth of benefits that will include a very lovely looking, uniform smile. However, what you might not have the foresight to consider is that your otherwise easy-to-achieve alignment can be disrupted by some simple blunders with your treatment and trays. Consider a few common problems. You can make sure to avoid them, so you stay the course.

#1: Avoid Hot Liquids

Your ClearCorrect treatment trays are crafted from thin plastic. It is highly durable for your daily wear. However, it isn’t something that can resist extremely hot liquids. This is one reason you’re instructed to remove them when you drink something hot. It’s also why you should never include hot water as you cleanse them. Otherwise, their shape will change and they will no longer work.

#2: Take Them Out As Suggested

Your ClearCorrect treatment is only going to be able to work if you keep the trays and your smile safe. As a result, it’s very important that you don’t do any of the things we suggest against in regard to removing the trays when needed. For example: When we say don’t eat with them in, drink anything other than water, chew gum, etc., you need to follow those guidelines.

#3: Keep Them In As Suggested

The main thing you need to do is wear the trays for the hours we suggest and they will do their job. Keep them out of your mouth for extended periods of time that surpass those guidelines and your ClearCorrect treatment isn’t going to work.

Keep ClearCorrect Safe With Our Help

Remember to ask us any questions that may arise about your aligner trays, so we can help promote your most successful orthodontic treatment. Schedule a visit with your dentist in Austin, TX by contacting Austin General Dentistry today at 512-346-5540.