Soda: You Love It, Your Teeth Don’t

Are you someone who experiences a twinge of panic when you open the refrigerator and realize you’re out of soda? If so, you may need a quick rundown of all the reasons you should choose to avoid running out to the store to replenish your stock of this carbonated beverage. “Okay, okay!” you might say. “I’ll switch to diet!” Not so fast. Even diet soda is bad for your oral health. While we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, it’s info you really should know.

Soda Is Acidic

Soda that contains sugar is also acidic, which means it’s doubly bad for your oral health. It promotes tooth decay and it can erode your enamel. Unfortunately, diet soda can also damage your enamel because it is also acidic. As a result, all soda is essentially “bad” for your smile.

Don’t Worry, You Can Still Drink It

Of course, we don’t suggest you drink soda. We suggest you drink water throughout the day instead of other beverages because it’s the easiest way to protect your oral health from stains, tooth decay, acid erosion, and other problems. However, we like to offer realistic options for our patients. If you still want to indulge, remember that you don’t want to leave that soda coating your teeth because that’s what really gets you into trouble. So, keep the following in mind:
It is better to drink your soda all at once, rather than sipping on it throughout the day

  • It’s best to follow your soda with a drink of water (or by rinsing with water)
  • If you follow that rinsing up in 30 minutes with a brushing session, even better

Avoid Acid Erosion With Simple Advice

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